Getting a new Xbox 360? Make sure it answers to "Jasper"

The new consoles look the same on the outside; inside, however, you'll find a new motherboard and a smaller graphics chip, and that means (hopefully) fewer Red Rings of Death.
VentureBeat reports that the new Jasper consoles are trickling onto the market, although actually finding one might be something of a challenge. Nope, there's no "Jasper" sticker on the box; instead, you'll have to hunt for clues. Kotaku notes that the power bricks on Jasper 360's list an output DC wattage of 150 on the power brick; also, if you've got a console built after October 23, 2008, chances are it's a Jasper-based model.

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truehunter3337d ago

So ppl must rely on Jasper Chip. MS shoulda pull out falcon chip to begin with then so ppl can get tha jasper.