Ryu ga Gotoku 3 gets hardware bundle pack

Sega announced today a hardware bundle for Ryu ga Gotoku 3 (aka Yakuza 3). The game will be available as part of a limited bundle that includes an 80 gigabyte ceramic white PS3 with a dragon logo.

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alexM3428d ago

YAKUZA 3 is a very big game in Japan

and also worldwide

arika3428d ago

to me the yakuza series, specially the 3rd one is the shenmue that never was. so i'm very happy that this game is coming to ps3 and exclusive game to booth so we know it's going to be good!
i know one thing for sure that japan is going to go gaga over this game.

alexM3428d ago

This will be a huge console mover for PS3

good job SONY

pwnsause3428d ago

Now bring Yakuza 3 to the states NOW! not to mention its Recently released prequel!!!

she00win993428d ago

we don't need bundles, we need a $100 price cut..

Fishy Fingers3428d ago

I've already got one, I don't need either ;)

Shmapanese3428d ago

$100 price cut bundle-this year isnt over yet for ps3-got WKC and i believe yakuza 3 (maybe 2009,forgot).

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