Pioneer showcases 16-layer 400GB optical disc

Pioneer is exhibiting its super multi-layer read-only optical disc which features 16 separate layers on a single side with 25GB storage capacity on each layer for a total capacity of 400GB at the IT Month fair taking place in Taipei.

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alexM3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

" and therefore the Pioneer discs can be read on BD players, the company said. "

It is hence a 400 gig BD disc

PS3 is a full future proof console

1 TERABYE blu ray in 2013


@kratos below

The discs are much cheaper to produce and is made from the very same BLU RAY tech. These discs are 10nm based (10x cheaper to produce) and is COMPATIBLE with ALL blu ray players

I repeat 100% COMPATIBLE with all BLU RAY players (even the OLDEST ONES)

Kratos2153486d ago

For getting in before all the blu-ray is dead posts.

INehalemEXI3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

I can see myself getting a BD drive for my PC in the not to distant future.

Edit: Im waiting for a BD burner you be able to burn at least dual layered 50 GB BD's and have the capability to read those 400 GB BD's I guess if they penetrate the market.

bviperz3486d ago

for the prices to reach $100 myself before I slap one in the ol PC.

BrianC62343486d ago

But it says read only. Are they making a burner for it too? I think 400GB is overkill for movies but it would be nice to have an optical disc I can burn that much data to. A 100GB BD is enough really.

ruibing3486d ago

Aww why did you post this up so quickly? I was hoping to read some comments based on just the title of the article that speculates how BD is outdated.

Tarasque3486d ago

Why will Blu Ray wait so long to get a terabyte storage in 2013, when TeraDisk will be available in 2010 and it is a a Dvd 1.2mm with 200 layers? And the bad thing is the Dvd will still be half the price of blu ray.

solidt123486d ago

This disc will be awesome for backing up my PC and PS3 hardrives and movie collections. If they made a game with this disc it would be crazy. 1000 hour game and would cost big time to make.

AAACE53486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

I think it's safe to say Blu-ray will be around for a while now! It would be almost pointless for anyone to come out with anything else for at least 5 years minimum after this hits.

@Somekindofmike... With Kojima being Kojima, he will probably still say that is not enough! Just kidding... Don't take a joke so seriously...

somekindofmike3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

lol, I agree 100% with you, Kijima would find a way to fill even a 1TB disk just to say that it's not enough space to get more publicity!

Didn't anybody tell him that when consumers buy a game they don't care how many GB's on a disk it fills, all they care about is how good the game is!!

I remember back in the day on the megadrive when sometimes they put on the front cover of the packaging "24MEGA BYTES" (or whatever figure it was) if that is the best selling point of the game, then I'd be worried about buying that game!

phosphor1123486d ago

I came...

Future proof the PS3 is..

The gaming GOD3486d ago

I agree with you.

I have the ps3 and a stand alone player. But the ONLY reason I don't have a pc blu ray yet is because I too am awaiting the burners. Once the burners become available, then I'll have blu ray pc drives

arika3485d ago

with that much space they can put everything as in everything in it. like for example, if we have that technology right now the movie darknight on bluray can have a lot of extras like a full batman game related to the movie and they can even put batman begins in it too and a ton of features and extras or if it is a naruto series, they can put the entire 500 episodes in one disc. man oh man! being a ps3 owner keeps getting better and better. wooot! i'm loving it!

psnDevistator3563485d ago

You can put entire game series on these disc. Entire tv series and movies all on one disc!!!

God I can't wait!!!

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alexM3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

"and therefore the Pioneer discs can be read on BD players, the company said. "

400 gig Blu Ray for u

@foxbot below

Bitter tears

the disc is made from the same Blu Ray tech and is compatible with ALL BLU RAY players

see other articles on this

It is 100% compatible with BLU RAY

100% -----u heard that

Even the oldest Blu Ray players can read it

read the article XBot and his sucky DVD 9 games

Foxgod3486d ago

it says "can" though, and not that it will.
The earliest blu ray players arent compatible with todays blu ray standards.

By 2013 your obviously going to be needing a new blu ray player that can handle the standards.

pwnsause3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

"The technology of the super multi-layer read-only disc is based on Blu-ray Disc (BD) with a breakthrough in material of reflective layers, according to Pioneer High Fidelity Taiwan. The specifications of the pick-up head (PUH) of the disc is the same as those for the PUH of blank BD discs, and therefore the Pioneer discs can be read on BD players, the company said." I guess Kojima Can't complain anymore about Disc space if his next game is a PS3 exclusive.


alexM3486d ago

It is a blu Ray disc

Please be sure of that

so we might be seeing R3 in that 400 gig Blu Ray
Awesome news for SONY

also the disc is 14/10nm and hence much cheaper than BLU RAY to produce

somekindofmike3486d ago

Think of how much longer Kojima's cut scenes are going to be in MGS5 with a 400GB disk! :)

Don't hurt me, I love the MGS series, and it wouldn't be the same without the cinematic cut scenes, but I do wish he'd cut back a bit in some places.

With the PS3 using 400GB BD disks to 360s 9GB DVD then the PS3 could potentially have a huge advantage. but the key word is potential. so far not much has really used the potential of the 50Gb BluRay disks to really stand out from what the 360 can do.

& to the guy who said 400GB was overkill, you are very short sighted, I bet when you bought yours first PC you thought to yourself "wow 10 mega byte hard drive, I will never be able to fill this bad boy"

Think of the possibility of entire tv series on one disk in HD. and i'll be first in line for Star Wars in HD and at this rate it could be all on one disk.

solidt123486d ago

Yo, Imagine the game collections they could make with that space. The Full Final Fantasy collection could fit on one disc. That's FF1 - FF13 vs.

rucky3486d ago

Now that's what I call future-proof!

alexM3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Any ever doubted that PS3 was not a FULL FUTURE PROOF console???

Ur doubts end there

PS3 will give x360 the finishing blow in 2009 for sure

@foxbot below

PS3 will be around for another 6/7 years atleast

U heard me..atleast

for x360 08 is the last year

Foxgod3486d ago

it isn't, space doesn't make a great game, its about the horsepower of the engine.

By 2013 the new wave of consoles will arrive, those will make the current line of consoles look like piss.

Keele3486d ago

Well, if the 360's lifespan does indeed end this year then the 720 will definitely eliminate the Ps3.

So, you'd better hope it isn't.

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