OXCGN Banjo Kazooie XBLA Review: The Classic Bear'n'Bird Duo.

OXCGN writes:

"Celebrating the release of Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, RARE has given the franchise's decade old fans a gift to rejoice over, a port of the original Banjo Kazooie for Xbox Live Arcade. The story throws you into the backpack of Banjo and Kazooie as they venture through Gruntilda's Lair to find Banjo's 'cute and nice' sister, to stop the ugly witch from stealing her good looks!"

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Godem3369d ago

I love this game, and its as good this time around! Good review... sucks about the frame rate though :(

Immortal Kaim3369d ago

I haven't had any framerate issues funny enough? I think it runs a hell of a lot better than the original N64 version...

Superfragilistic3369d ago

The frame rate really is embarassing at times... but it's still a nice trip down my childhood.

It's just awesome having Banjo back! two games in one month! lol

Rock Bottom3369d ago

100 time better than Nuts n Bolts.

Godem3369d ago

Strange Kaim...... Well i know its not just me thats getting the frame rate issues.. and they are a massive let down... but ahh well

Immortal Kaim3369d ago

I have been reading around some forums and it seems the framerate problems are caused by having your 360 set to 1080p. I only have a 720p set so it would be good to get confirmation on this.

Superfragilistic3369d ago

Well I'm runnin 1080P on a 42" Bravia and it's definitely an occassional issue. What's funny is it doesn't chug or skip it just goes into a super slow mo speed. lol

BrotherSic3369d ago

"We are looking into the frame rate problems that occur when viewing the game in 1080i/1080p whilst using component or HDMI inputs. In the meantime, switching to 720p (using component cables or HDMI) will solve the problem."

Quoted from the official forums:


Immortal Kaim3369d ago

Thanks BrotherSic, great news that it is also getting looked at and hopefully patched.

Bubbles for you.

BrotherSic3369d ago

To be fair, it's my own quote lol

but thanks for the bubbles anyway :)

Godem3369d ago

whoa sweet official news, good find mate.. im just bummed i played through the whole game WITH lag :(

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Godem3369d ago

hmm well if that is the case, maybe its possible we could see a fix from RARE? maybe even when its officially out on the Marketplace?

Steelspawn3369d ago

I had no problems at all with the game. It was fun back then and still just enjoyable now.

GrathiusXR3369d ago

Love this game! playing it on XBLA brings back all the memories of my child hood gaming on the N64..

One of the best platformers of it's time and glad to see they brought it out so that the newer generation of gamers can experience it..

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