With Vista SP2, Microsoft is back on track

From the other side of the world comes a report that Windows Vista Service Pack 2 will be released to manufacturing in April 2009, roughly a year after SP1. The Malaysian website TechARP has a pretty good track record with this sort of prediction, and my sources tell me that schedule sounds about right.

Meanwhile, here in the U.S.A., some people are inferring more Vista doom and gloom from this schedule. My buddy Dwight Silverman at the Houston Chronicle says "SP2 is being rushed out the door" to keep up Vista's momentum. Eweek's Channel Insider calls SP2 a "last-ditch attempt to drum up sales for [the] beleaguered [Vista] operating system." The Register says "Microsoft seems to be in a hurry with this release."

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Mr Fancy Pants3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

If it makes the comp to use less resource then they are back on track because right now I'm just writing this and my laptop is utilizing 934MB of ram in I don't know what. Because I don't have anything else running but when I use my desktop with XP it only uses like 300-400MB...

Bladestar3398d ago

mmm.... who knows... I was asking myself why XP it uses like "300-400MB" when my Window 3.1 used between 1-2 MB...

I am beginning to think that newer OS use more resources because they have more features which is why overtime Memory chips get larger and cheaper... strange ehh?

xaviertooth3398d ago


what features are u referring in Vista?

sidebar crap? improved security crap? aero look crap? different menu system crap?

microsoft just doesn't have the skills right now to compete in software business and is way behind the likes of Google! what they are doing is to recycle old craps from their windows, office and visual studio platforms!

paul-p19883398d ago

good point, the older ones use less, but thats because the hardware wasnt that high then.

Although, it only appears to be Windows that thinks everyone should have ridiculous PC specs to 'have the privilege' of running windows...funny how a version of Linux (Called DSL or Damn Small Linux) runs on a computer with 50mb of RAM and works insanely quick. I use Linux Ubuntu, and that only needs 256mb of RAM, and it works dam quick and uses hardly any of it...

maybe everyone should boycott Windows...

DJ3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

And Vista still utilized 1.2 GB of RAM. Hell, my old XP computer didn't even have more than 1GB of RAM, so it's a good thing i have 3GB at my disposal.

My real issue with Vista is that it lacks compatibility with almost all the software i run (Maxwell Studio crashes on startup, Vue crashes after rendering one or two frames, Lightwave crashes at random intervals), as well as some hardware. I added in another internal hard drive; Vista kept insisting though that I was installing a CD drive, and wouldn't let me use the damn thing. The BIOS read it just fine, but Vista seemed to have a little trouble there. Good thing I returned it.

I now have a copy of Windows XP 64-bit sitting on my table. Just need to save up for a 64GB SSD that i'm going to use as my C:/ drive, and another 6 GB of RAM. THEN i'll be flying.

The visual aspect of Vista is great; the functionality though isn't.

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xaviertooth3398d ago

all microsoft develop/manufacture/produce are garbage!

paul-p19883398d ago

seconded :)


DJ3398d ago

Office is still great, and Surface has a lot of promise (though MS hasn't taken initiative to expose the public to it).

SL1M DADDY3398d ago

I hear a ton about the unavailable network problem and wonder, when are MS going to admit to this issue and actually fix it?

ThanatosDMC3398d ago

I hope they fix 64-bit Vista issue with unsigned drivers. I cant use my wifimax to connect to xlink kai.

Also, i hope that they allow us to freely control our wireless zero configuration. By letting the manufacturer's utility be accessible rather than letting vista control everything.

For the 32-bit vista people i hope they fix the restrictions on ram. Since most laptops now are able to go and have up to 8gigs of ram.

Viper73398d ago

Back on track with Windows 7 I presume,

Shakkan3398d ago

Highly doubtful. Windows 7 is Vista Second Edition with a bit more bloat added. (that's up to now at least)

AstroZombie13398d ago

Microsft please don't rush SP2 given your track record of rushing things (do i really need give examples?) it will more than likely break Vista which will need to be fixed.

For the record in my personal opinion Vista with SP1 is a perfectly stable and good OS so don't rush SP2 and break it take your time and improve on SP1.

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