Video game wagering changes the playing field

Chicago-based BringIt LLC has launched the video game web site, where players 18 and older can enter tournaments, challenge other players, set terms of their wagers and then play the games for real mula.

About 1,000 players have registered and linked their Xbox 360, PS2, PS3 and Wii consoles to BringIt's system. credits winners' accounts, debits the losers' accounts and rakes in 10 % of each bet. You can even play for as little as $1 a game.

But the main question arises, is this legal?

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MIA3519d ago

Sounds like borderline gambling. Isn't gambling illegal in some states? Its basically skill-based gambling. I personally like gambling so I have no issues and its a way to reduce some of the smack talk in some these chat rooms! Let the $$$ do the talking!