IE share slips under 70%; Firefox surges past 20%

The market share of Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer dropped under the 70% mark last month for the first time since Web metrics vendor Net Applications Inc. started keeping tabs on browsers, the company said today.

IE slipped to a 69.8% share, down from October's 71.3% and off 7.6 percentage points in the past year.

Rival browsers from Mozilla Corp., Apple Inc. and Google Inc., meanwhile, cashed in on IE's slide and posted gains for the month, according to Net Applications' data, which is culled from visitors to the thousands of Web sites the company monitors for clients.

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falcon3338d ago

I liked the picture :P

Lord Anubis3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

We are victorious comrades. Keep spreading the heat we will prevail.

alexM3338d ago

I expect CHROME and FIREFOX to be the future browsers

As simple as that

Havent been using IE for the last one year

plokplhu3338d ago

Firefox Fanboy.. haha just kidding!

But if there were such a term.. I'd be one myself!

ThanatosDMC3338d ago

IE opens up windows for random spywares to be instantly downloaded without asking.

Megaton3338d ago

All of my friends and family use FireFox. I haven't used IE in years.

wicked3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

FF does not open a lot of web pages correctly, until they sort that I will stick with IE. I like the speed, but Chrome is even better but they have issues as well.

uie4rhig3338d ago

wot like pages that contain spyware or worse? no thanks im fine ;)

Johnny Rotten3338d ago

I just started using Firefox I recommend it everyone who hasn't tried it yet.

Bob Dole3337d ago

FF=Better poop.