Report: AMD Phenom II chips echo Intel's i7

940 versus 940. That may be the confusing Intel-AMD processor model-number juxtaposing that consumers can look forward to next year.

A Chinese Web site has posted details of Advanced Micro Devices' upcoming Phenom II desktop processors, of which at least two are due to be launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

The post on HKEPC lists more than a dozen new models due to be launched during the next eight months. AMD is now moving its chips to 45-nanometer process technology from an older 65-nanometer process. Generally, smaller geometries result in faster and more power-efficient processors.

Processors listed include the quad-core Phenom II X4 920 and Phenom II X4 940 due in January, rated at 2.8GHz and 3.0GHz, respectively.

Interestingly (and maybe not coincidentally), AMD's high-end Phenom II X4 920 and 940 model numbers match the branding of Intel's Core i7-920 (2.66GHz) and i7-940 (2.93GHz).

Both the AMD and Intel models are 45nm quad-core desktop processors with large caches. High-end Phenom II processors come with 8MB of cache memory. Typically, the more cache memory, the better the performance.

Other processors listed include the Phenom II X4 810 and 805, both due in February, rated at 2.6GHz and 2.5GHz, respectively, according to HKEPC. These have 6MB of cache memory.

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JCDenton3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

We'll see if this can counter i7's. Since introduction of Core 2 duo and Core 2 quad CPU's, Intel has been dominating the CPU market, and TLB bug in Phenom's hasn't helped either.

theEnemy3397d ago

I doubt AMD will stop Intel's domination.

Intel's Core i7 is just too damn fast.

uie4rhig3397d ago

nothing will change that.. unless a miracle happens.. even AMD's first chip was stolen from Intel.. Phenom II may be good.. but i7 crushes it ..

fossilfern3396d ago

hope this goes good for AMD and i will admit iv been a big AMD fan for a long time but at the moment im using an Intel CPU (E8200 @ 3ghz) but i will defenatly buy one of these after christmass.

"AMD has always played catch up..." no they haven't its only been in the past 2 years they'v gone down hill AMD used to be top dog back in the good old days if you wanted a good gaming system back then you normally went AMD so they haven't always been playing catch up intel just struck lucky and AMD messed up but its starting to change with the 4800 series doing amazing and hopefully this new CPU will live up to what the previous phenoms didn't.

FantasyStar3396d ago

We will see, I disagree about more cache = better speeds though. By that theory, then Penryn chips should outdo the Conroe chips easily, but I can easily obtain a PC Mark score with my OC'ed Q6600 to 3.0GHz that can rival a Q9550. And both are 8MB-Split and 12MB-Shared respectively, so now what?

But I will see what AMD can do. Even though Intel has beaten AMD to death 2-gens in a row, history is technically on AMD's side. But we'll see I guess. I'm a fan of competition and would love to see AMD's chips crush Intel's chips this-gen just to get some price-drops running around. There's no way in hell I'm paying $500 for something I can crush with my foot easily.

fossilfern3396d ago

at least someone here knows what they are on about :D

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