Mario Music Originally From The 40's?

That Gaming Site finds out where the music from Mario originally came from. This will surprise you!

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big shadow3278d ago

I think it's just a coincidence but I could be wrong.

Parapraxis3278d ago

yep, just a coincedence.

Filet of Children3278d ago

Hey look everyone! There's 15 seconds in this 5 minute song that kinda almost sorta sound like the world 1-2 music, kinda almost!

*sigh* Very not the Mario music :/

AAACE53278d ago

I always thught the music sounded really old school! I would have guessed from the 20's or 30's timeframe.

Listen to some of the music from that era, and you may see what I mean.

Cryos3278d ago

didn't sound a thing like it to me.....

it's maybe the same chords/notes, but it's not the same. not at all

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InMyOpinion3278d ago

I'm pretty sure the Mario theme was written by Christina Aguilera.

carnex3278d ago

Everyone is inspired by something. Even Rob Hubbard rarely wrote music that wasn't referencing some other music, and that's the god of 8bit sound I'm talking about.

Redlight3278d ago

Yeah it's kind of similar, but it's such a small grab that I doubt that it's any more than a coincidence, there are only so many notes.

propheta3278d ago

This is the most ridiculous assertion I've read in years. It's only VAGUELY similar - you grab a whole video and point 10 seconds where the music variation is only loosely similar to that of a certain part of a music from the 1-2 level in Super Mario Bros: and already you think you've got an article worth publishing?

You don't know a thing about music, do you?

vidoardes3278d ago

This is so old it's not even funny. And I mean the news not the video. It doesn't even sound like the mario music. Look at this link to see where mario music was really nicked from

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The story is too old to be commented.