Can Sony Maintain PS3's Momentum?

PSXE: "If we look back on 2008 and start ticking off the top names of 2009, one will want to assume that the PlayStation 3 has the momentum. Not only does it have the obvious exclusive edge over Microsoft's Xbox 360, but it has several other factors going for it."

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tatotiburon3490d ago

every 2008 lineup FLOP in sales, it's getting beat by xbox 360 in NA and UK, the sells in japan are crap...wich momentum?? ah ok i forgot, the christmas quote "wait to 200x"

MAR-TYR-DOM3490d ago

why are you soo concerned about sales? Its not your money. All we gamers should care about is quality games and the ps3 has that. Better quantity of quality games than 360 at least. (MGS4, LBP, R2, motorstorm 2 + multiplatform)

If you really wanna talk about sales well, MGS4 is the highest selling console Exclusive this year.... so it must be kicking xbox 360's ass right?

PoSTedUP3490d ago

their are too many great ps3 games for only ONE game to sell alot, peoples money is limited so its hard to choose which game to get and the install base is rather small right now so....

socomnick3490d ago

Had no idea they had momentum lol.

PoSTedUP3490d ago

yea they've been outselling 360 this whole time, what would you call that? anyways.... i play games, not sell them.

ThatCanadianGuy3490d ago

In case you didn't notice...PS3 outsold 360 in worldwide sales in 2007,and the majority of 2008.Till 360 got it's price cut.

For a console to be double the price and have "No games" it sure did pretty good huh? What do you think is going to happen with Killzone 2 comes out next year? Followed by the looonng list of PS3 exclusives
(which i have no need to wright out,we all know them)

All that coupled with a price cut.Do you really think 360 will last?
I mean..If it wasn't for that price cut 360 got it wouldn't even be a discussion.It would of failed sooo hard this year.

alexM3490d ago

cant believe that this Troll is trolling in Game zone

every x360 game flopped except Gears 2

MGS4 sold like 5m worldwide. same goes to GTA4,
GT5P sold like 3m

R2/LBP will do 3m-5m lifetime

PS3 beats x360 all around the world except US and UK

X360 costs 1/2 as a PS3 in US and 1/3 in europe

PS3 has also outsold X360 in LTD sales for 08

X360 is selling only in USA because of the price . It was available for as low as 150$ during Black Friday weekend

Doppy3490d ago

I think starting 2009 (and PS3's price drop) we will see Sony start to put the beat down on Microsoft. I think the 360 has put up a great fight so far, but I don't see anything that Microsoft has to offer to counteract the mass number of exclusives, and services that the PS3 is starting to offer. As far as exclusives, Microsoft just doesn't have the developers that Sony or Nintendo has (even though Nintendo takes forever) so they aren't capable of putting out as many exclusives as Sony or Nintendo can each year.

I feel the 360 has a chance to break away again come 2010 with another price drop and hopefully more exclusives, but it will only last a short while and the PS3 will be back on top. I think come 2010 the PS3 will have caught up to the 360 sell wise or will be ahead of it.

Narutone663490d ago

Go troll somewhere else. Are you jealous that Xbox 360 don't have any games for the coming months?

PS3 FTW3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

These sites make these articles just for hits.

PS3 is double the price of 360 but sill has out-sold 360 overall this year; not just a month-to-month basis but overall sales.

PS3 had more and higher rated exclusives - Any doubters check MetaCritic ;)

The reason LBP, MotorStorm 2, R2 etc didn't sell amazingly is because PS3 has so many games that sales are gonna be spread-out between them.

PS3 hasn't had a price-cut since last year, x360 just had a cut plus a 1-year head-start, and PS3 is very close in world-wide sales.

PS3 has a much more varied library of games and almost all of PS3 exclusives have a MetaCritic score of 9 or higher.

PS3 had a slow start but now it's blazing. 360 only got a price-cut because M$ was scared about PS3 exclusives.

Sony really needs to start advertising and when they do they need to tell peopl what's in it like Blu-Ray.

eagle213490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

It a better game than all the 360 2008 games. Over 4.33+ million sold last time Konami made a press release before Fall. It debuted number ONE in every country worldwide with huge sales in Japan. It also is the Game of the Year. LittleBigPlanet has outscored every 360 exclusive this generation. That's why metacritic hasn't been brought up that much since by "rival" game sites anymore. Best JRPG this generation goes to PS3's Valkyria Chronicles with White Knight following suit.

Please explain how critical horror disasters/sales bombs like Too human, Lips, or Banjo and every JRPG on 360 is anything to brag about? PS3 has the critical momentum now (respect), couple that with the best exclusive line-up moving forward, Blu-ray's growing marketshare (The Dark Knight says hello) and of course a worldwide price reduction = unstoppable momentum until Sony pulls the plug in another 6 years. Happy gaming. :)

PS3 FTW3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

M$ keeps throwing out US only numbers cus they fail everywhere else. The ONLY time they ever brought up Japan was when the 360 had that rush of JRPGs. Where's the recent Japan 360 sales data M$? We know you personally threw the big boost in sales all over the net. 2 weeks out of 3 years you sold well in Japan and you toss it all over like it was a cure for Cancer. I don't see you touting the poor 360 software sales that have occured in Japan the last few weeks.

Omegasyde3490d ago

"Better quantity of quality games than 360"

Its a Fact this year. As far as exclusives go.

Gears of War 2 had the market pretty much all to itself minus call of duty 5/Fallout 3 up to January. Fable 2 is niche. Also Gears 2 had alot of hype being in mainstream culture like Halo.

The "Stellar" PS3 games cannibalized themselves starting with the beginning of October. They should of released games a little further apart, with Socom in December (it needed the time) and Motorstorm 2 in September. Little Big Planet should of been released in December to go along with the Sony commercials to placate the hype. Instead they release the game right after the beta. . . . . . in which lasted way too long in the first place. Just like Socom, which was made with the lowest budget for a Sony published party in comparison to resistance 2.

But what do I know. I am nobody.

jwatt3490d ago

I honestly never been more confident in Sony's line up next year. Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, and my personal favorite The Agency. I mean I'm pretty sure MS is going to be MS and they're going to have some trick up thier sleeves but Sony's announced titles alone look immpressive.

INehalemEXI3490d ago

The Agency does look interesting want to see more on MAG too.

Danja3490d ago

If you guys think the PS3 has momentum then just wait till it finally gets that price cut..thats when we will start seeing PS3 fly off the shelves even more..

any one who think that the PS3 isn't selling well is obviously delusional , it outsold the 360 in 2007 , and as been outselling the 360 WW all year....and it still has the lead..

the 360 just received a price cut obviously it's gonna see a spike in sales...the question is..after everyone rushes out and buys a cheap 360 this X-Mas...sales will tumble again like they did earlier this year...while the PS3 will receive a price cut around that time and sales will take off...

im no analyst..but from what I've observed the PS3 will continue to sell at stable rates and he 360 will fall back....after the holidays...

littletad3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Why would the 360 fall back? RROD aside, the new system chips are out there and you can't deny the price and the games. There's alot of great games from the past 3 years it's been out on shelves and even if Sony does slash it's prices, do you think it would be a significant amount? A $299 ps3 system would be ideal, wouldn't it? But what are the chances?

I'll be honest as much as this year was hyped as the ps3's year, I only ended up buying MGS4 and LBP (I'll get Resistance 2 for xmas though). Stack that up against the likes of Fable 2, Gears 2, and the slightly better marketing, and Microsoft still wasn't clobbered as hard as predicted by analyst. They held their own, but just barely.

I wholeheartedly expect Sony to rule the first quarter of next year with an impending price cut and the release of Killzone 2. But, we know all too well Microsoft has a habit of not talking about titles that are due in advance, with some exceptions. So we still have to wait and see. But I don't see the 360 falling back in sales significantly.

@below. I know you didn't mention the RROD, I just meant "That aside" u know. Not to counter your user base logic, but you have to wonder why most people "went out and bought another". People seem to really like the system. I know people will take this the other way, but I sent my ps2 in 3 times and I didn't care less. I love the system and still do, which is why I went from Gamestop to Gamestop trying to find a 60gb ps3. And the upcoming Persona 4 only proves I made the right choice ;).

Danja3490d ago

when I stated that the 360 would fall back in sales..I after the christmas frenzy sales will return to how they were early on this year ...which would means sales would have fallen back to normal levels where as you can expect the Wii to continue selling almost 350-500k after christmas..

I know im PS3 biased and ppl say im a PS3 fanboy , but I try to be rational with my comments towards the 360...and the Price cut will only work for this holiday come next year it will be over-shadowed by the impending PS3 price-cut...

and one last thing no-where in my post did I state ne thing about RROD affecting 360 sales...I will state that it has actually helped to pad the 360 install base figures cuz I know a few ppl who have actually went out and bought another 360 because of the RROD..

pathetic fanboys3490d ago

lol, a console with momentum is the wii. not the ps3. with the wii selling like previous playstations, and the ps3 selling like (insert here), this is just a rallying cry to the troops.

it would be interesting to see what the world-wide ytd sales for each console are. but with the 360 fast approaching 25m and the ps3 fast approaching 18m. it seems that sony have only managed to take 2m off of microsofts 10m 1 year head start.

hardly unstoppable momentum. especially given the install base and sales figures of the previous playstations. but with sony facing another bleak xmas compared to it's competitors, the sdf need something to cheer them up.

jammy_703490d ago

if sony advertised like 360 then it will sell way more than what it is now, for every 300 adverts for the 360 i see, i see 2 ps2 adverts!
its dissapointing, an i wanna see more!!!
maybe there to tight with there money, yes that what they are!

Death3490d ago
GT5:p has sold just over 3 million. I think it's actually 2.23. GTA has sold better on the Xbox 360.


Saint Sony3489d ago

Not much until aliens invade earth and bring some new **** for Sony.

Cenobia3489d ago

I'm sorry, what do you see in 2009 for the xbox? I see plenty of games coming for the PS3, so I don't really think Sony needs help from an alien species. All I see for the 360 is a Ninja Gaiden ripoff, a Halo RTS and expansion, and some 360/PC multiplatform games.

You can all whine about sales, but all I care about is games. I see those games coming down the pipeline on the PS3 side. If you're happy with the 360's lineup, or have faith that MS will have a ton of surprise announcements, then good for you.

Aquanox3489d ago

Microsoft is in the road to outsell the PS3 in WORLDWIDE Sales by the end of 2008.

The Gap by Dec 31 2007 was about 6.8M

Not it's sitting in about 6.4M without counting US Black Friday Week.

Now, December, the biggest month of the year is ahead and I believe Microsoft has all chances to overtake Sony in YTD cumulative sales WORLDWIDE.

I actually ignore what momentum could these guys be talking about. Sony's momentum ended the day Microsoft applied a price-cut and it kept fading by the launches of Fable II, Gears of War 2, Left 4 Dead, etc. The Numbers tell the story clearly.

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ultimolu3490d ago

It depends on what happens between now and next year.

But I am so excited for that 2009 lineup. Uncharted 2, Gran Turismo 5, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy Versus XIII...whew.

Sony can pull this off.

Skyreno3490d ago

lol dont know about final fantasy 13 versus may come in 2010 or maybe 2009 in december you never know :)

Bill Gates3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )


Suck it up you BABOONS, you have NOTHING and WE have it all....AHAHAHHAHHHHA

alexM3490d ago

SONY sold 6m ps3s last year during Oct --dec

so expect SONY to sell atleast that much this year

23m ps3s at 400/500 dollars is a fantastic achivement

3490d ago
Aquanox3490d ago

These fanboys seem to be living in a parallel reality where everything is rose for Sony.

This is the worst Holydays for Sony since the PS3 has been launched, being tremendously outsold by the Xbox 360 and the Wii. Both of their exclusives have been selling well below expectations, say LBP which scored high but sold low and Resistance 2 which sells relatively well but scored low as well.

I don't know what Momentum they're talking about.

ultimolu3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Is the year over?


I mentioned it depends on what happens the rest of the year into next year.

I'm talking about 2009. Learn how to read next time. I think Sony had a pretty good year. The *only*, and I mean the *ONLY* reason why Microsoft is winning right now is because of a pricecut.

Aquanox3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Sorry, I was actually talking about the fanboys who wrote the article.

As for your comment, then yes, there's quite a bit to talk about too:

You mention it depends on what happens until the rest of the year, but nothing suggests there's a PS3 momentum in any territory (expect for Japan, in certain weeks)

In Black Friday, The Xbox 360 outsold it by a 3:1 ratio. According to VGChartz, the 360 also outsold the Ps3 in Europe by a 2:1 ratio last week. These two summed up will have the WORLDWIDE (Not US Only) Xbox 360 cumulative sales for 2008 dangerously close to the Playstation 3's. A Gap that seemed to stretch is once again widening and if this trend continues, the Xbox 360 will have outsold the PS3 WORLDWIDE for the whole 2008. Let me talk by the numbers.

---- GAP between Xbox 360 and PS3 ----

by Dec. 31 2007:


by Nov 30 (Not including US Black Friday Week)


Lets say the Black Friday added up 100k in favor of the Xbox 360 and we'll be very, very close just in time for xMas time when I don't see why the Xbox 360 wouldn't continue with this trend.

All in all, I think it's safe to say that there's no momentum for the PS3 right now.

2009 will be an entirely new story (and not necessarily all different) but this is what has been said since the PS3 launch, and let me remember you guys that MS always has a heck of a lineup each year, not saying Sony doesn't but games is only a part of Microsoft's success, they're also investing heavy in services, new OS, online experience and massive MARKETING, something Sony seems to have lost a bit of focus on and needs to rethink for their 2009 formula.

earwax3489d ago

This system is in SAD SHAPE. Sony bet the farm on BR and the so called "Cell" and thought people would run out and spend $700 bucks for a game system and they were WRONG. If it were not for retail stores pushing it as a "cheap BR DVD player" it would have died by now.

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CrippleH3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

It's funny how you only mention US and UK. What about the rest of the world?

US does not = 90% of the world.

Omegasyde3490d ago

Actually I think 90% of the world lives in New York City....

Holy cow, you can get a Chinese gyros with Indian humus on top from a sidewalk vendor named Vladimir Borwinski III

Eat 3 of those and you get Mexican dysentery.

gamfreak3490d ago

That's a silly question, look back in 2008 and now the line-up in 2009, clearly shows that PS3 will RULE.

Xheratuul3490d ago

2009 will be even better than this year.

earwax3489d ago

Really, tell me. MGS4? UNDER SOLD, was a bore and more of a Cartoon then game. Wait for this year wait for next year......PLEASE..........just ditch it and start from scratch.