Is GTA IV Lost and Damned Worth $20?

Kris Erickson writes:

"It depends of course, on whether Rockstar can really deliver the goods with this heavily hyped downloadable content. At $20 per episode, Rockstar is essentially asking fans to plunk down the entire retail cost of the game one more time, in order to enjoy some zany new adventures in what amounts to the same game world. Here is what would make Lost and Damned worth $20 of our hard earned GameFlavor bucks."

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silverchode3430d ago

if you liked the game and want more 20$ doesnt seem like a high price.

pathetic fanboys3429d ago

and everything is just speculation until the reviews start hitting. i enjoyed gta4, so i'll be downloading day one.

as the oblivion expansion (shivering isles) was around the same price, which sold quite well aswell, i expect this will do pretty well. it just means i have to pick up another copy of gta4 for it though!

ThanatosDMC3429d ago

They just need to add zombies... and im sold! Imagine killing lots of zombies with their physics engine then add multiplayer mayhem.

On another note, i hope GTA4 gets patched for those who arent able to connect on their servers. It's not that it's full or busy or whatever they just cant connect.

sirbigam3429d ago

Theres no way of knowing until it actually comes out, now who wants to go be the test subject for their fellow gamers.

Perjoss3429d ago

I'll do it!
I've always preferred making up my own mind about stuff rather than only playing the games that reviewers want me to play.

ASSASSYN 36o3429d ago

I will wait for in depth reviews and video before I buy.

lucky_lucciano2k23429d ago

No one plays GTA 4 anymore. This would be a waste of time for most gamers considering everyone has at least 5-7 other quality games to play since its release.

N2NOther3429d ago

I played it 2 weeks ago and there were still plenty of people playing it online. As for the single player? How the hell could you possibly know that? And even they aren't, that doesn't mean people won't pick up the DLC. I know I'll be an I haven't touched the single player game since June.

ASSASSYN 36o3429d ago

Who made you the spokesman for most played and/or un-played games?

DiabloRising3429d ago

Ah gaming "journalism."

Until we play it, we won't know, now will we? So why ask?

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The story is too old to be commented.