Brandish Revived With A PSP Remake

Falcom is going all out for their remake of Brandish. The overhead action RPG will be transformed into a full 3D for the PSP. Brandish: The Dark Revenant looks different, but the story sounds about the same. You play as Ares a swordsman that gets falls into a hole and into a dungeon. If you haven't played Brandish before the game has a lot of holes that act as traps.

Visually, Brandish: The Dark Revenant looks better than the Super Nintendo version. Speaking of that we're probably not going to see it on the Virtual Console now since the PSP remake is scheduled to come out in Japan on March 19. No North American release has been announced, but Atlus is working with Falcom now so they could pick this Brandish: The Dark Revenant in the future.

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BlackIceJoe3515d ago

I hope this comes out in the US. I am not sure it will but you can always hope. Plus with Sony saying they are going to work harder to bring games out that are out in other parts of the world so more people can play the game. So there is always a chance.

sinncross3515d ago

Never played the original but im willing to give this a try.

Besides this girl is a hottie: