Everyone Hates "Gears of War 2"

Jason Perry writes:

"Well, maybe not EVERYONE (I think it's a pretty sweet game save for a few online issues). But the gamers in these two videos, well, they seem to hate Gears of War 2 like it burned down their home, urinated on the family dog, and stole all the Christmas presents from under the tree."

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Bill Gates3372d ago

You BABOONS sure do like making BABOONS out of yourselves...AHHAHHHHHHAA

ravinshield3371d ago

playstation girls hate gears of war 2 because they cant have it

zag3371d ago

If thats the game, it looks a bit boring really.

same thing over and over all day long, wow... excitement glore.

The funny thing is the second video shows some major bugs, you can kill yourself just by hitting a button as you spawn? F me that's got to be a major review killer. how did this game get high reviews? with bugs like that who knows.

ape0073372d ago

gears of war,man

it's awesome but so was R2

the root of the problem that gear2 got the reviews it deserves but R2 was massively underrated,only IGN and some other sites gave it justice

this happen to every major ps3 game

uncharted was underrated,you want a proof?

man,jut see the reactions when everybody saw uncharted 2 trailer,everybody was sold,does that explane why it got around 88% in gr?

I wish all sites review ALL games without any sort of fanboyism

die_fiend3372d ago

Lol, so every site is biased against the PS3 yeah? lol ur joking right? Most sites didn't give resistance 2 an 8 out of co-incidence. I'd give it an 8 too! It's not that different to the first, which was mediocre. Uncharted wasn't all that good mate, it was pretty good and looked sweet but the platforming wasn't that fun nor was the shooting...Again, the general consensus of reviews was correct, but yeah keep thinking that there's some sort of conspiracy against the PS3, that all review sites are involved in but no1 knows about it but you lol

Perjoss3372d ago

I don't think Uncharted is underrated at all, I think the reviews it got were spot on. It has good graphics but not even close to the niceness seen in games like MGS4 and Gears2, the jet ski parts were horrible and bottom line is its just Tomb Raider with a cover system. Heavenly Sword on the other hand, is very underrated, a fantastic game that got average reviews.

callahan093372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

@ die_fiend:

You said, "[Resistance 2 is] not that different to the first." OK, so you just defeated your entire argument. You can't say you think the ratings for a game are appropriate if you either a) haven't played said game, or b) completely failed to grasp what you were playing. Resistance 2 drastically changed the following formulae from Resistance 1: the way health management works, the way weapon management works, the methods of storytelling, the pacing of the campaign, the scope and size of the online multiplayer, and the nature of its cooperative gameplay. It is actually one of the most dissimilar games to its former franchise entry in recent gaming memory. Even Metroid Prime managed to be more like Super Metroid, despite going into first-person perspective, than Resistance 2 manages to be like Resistance 1.

@ Perjoss:

You said, "[Uncharted] has good graphics but not even close to the niceness seen in games like MGS4 and Gears2." First of all, whether they stand up to those games is an opinion (mine is that Uncharted is still one of the best looking games around). Second, and most importantly, Why Are You Comparing A Game From 2007 To Two Games From 2008? MGS4 and Gears 2 weren't out when Uncharted was being reviewed, so whether it matched up to those two games graphically would not have figured into the reviews.

It's a never-ending battle. I enjoyed watching these videos because they remind me of myself! Haha. I can get pretty angry when playing videogames, too. I just beat Gears of War 2 last night and it was a fantastic game right up until the final boss battle. I thought Resistance 2 had an easy final boss, but dang... I'd actually put the final boss of Gears 2 in the "impossible to have trouble" category of easy.

pshizle3371d ago

is amazing

R2 yet to play getting it for holidays

and UNCHARTED is amazing

JBaby3433371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

I hate all the idiot xbox fanboys thinking it's the end all be all of gaming like they did with Halo 3. Good games? Certainly but overrated in my opinion and both actually disappointed me from the hype I was hearing. PS3 exclusives definitely seem to get the short-end of the stick in reviews despite being excellent games. MGS4 is the first game I think was scored justly.

@ die fiend: Like Gears 2 is THAT much different from Gears 1? Get real. Resistance 2 is good like the first both of which were thoroughly enjoyable in SP and MP. Gears 2 is good like the first but falls short to me overall. It's preference but something seem amiss in the scoring scheme.

@perjoss: You need to wake up. Uncharted is a great game. The jetski parts were sweet. I love how it felt riding it through current. If you haven't ridden a jet ski much less one in flowing water you wouldn't understand how accurately they captured the handling except we got a grenade launcher too (which I didn't have on my jetski). Not to mention the best water I've seen in any game.

Spydiggity3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

an article about a 360 game and the VERY FIRST comment is some guy who wants to bring in his ps3 game hype.

this article has nothing to do with resistance two or uncharted!!! and...resistance def got the reviews it deserved. and uncharted is way over rated. i found it to be a clunky, sub part adventure game with the most minor platformer elements combined with a cookie cutter story that i've seen in every live action disney movie for the past 20 years. oh yeah, and the graphics weren't the marvel you ps3 fanboys make it out to be. i own 3 games for my ps3. MGS4, Resistance 2, and Uncharted and none were the master pieces you make them out to be.

now keep your ridiculous, unfounded opinion about games completely unrelated to the article out of it!

as for gears 2... it's broken. the online is hopeless. co op was fun and the story was okay...the boss fights were intense, but the multiplayer is crap compared to the first one. which explains why the same number of ppl on my friends list play gears 1 as gears 2.

this years line up of overhyped avg quality sequels (on console) has renewed my appreciation for PC gaming.

GUNS N SWORDS3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

a bunch complaining kids, if their in their 20s then that's public humiliation.

i think these dudes should be put through the test of making their own game, see where that gets them.

and these 2 people in these vids do not represent the populous, even if it was 100 that still doesn't represent the populous.

jadenkorri3371d ago

i used to do that, but i worked previously in a call center that was beyond hell, were every cx was dumb as a lamp post, comparing a cx to a lamp post, i still feel i've insulted the lamp post... I still swear a bit, but not that bad, and its not usually online, mostly rpgs with non rezing AIs...Thats why i like playing guild wars and Atantica, you have control over your own units...Anyways Im sure Gears 2 is just as good as gears 1, i played Gears for PC, never really cared for it... And cmon, both these guys hating 1 game, only 1 destroyed the game, and other b!tched and moan like a woman, how does that make everyone "HATE" Gears of War like me finding someone destroying their 360 then posting everyone hates 360...waste of my time....

TRUE_G3371d ago

@die_fiend: wow ape did say that most sites favor 360 over ps3 but i can tell you for a fact that that is true. Almost all the gaming sites not as big as ign, 1up, etc...favor gears. why? because first of all they probably play gears more and never give a game like resistance a chance. I saw the other day a site comparing the 2 games in about 5 different areas and R2 did not win one off them the closest they got was a tie. You can't tell me that resistance does not have more online features than gears...I have both consoles and love them. I just hate it when 360 fanboys get on their computers and bash the ps3 almost for no reason. I have both games and in my OPINION R2 is the better rounded game. Gears is just too frustrating online but the story is way better than G1. R2 is very underrated and must of the reason why can be blamed on sony but i think the true gamers(not fanboys) will tell you R2 is the better game. Like X-play said today R2 will go down as one off the best FPS of all time!

likedamaster3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

I take it open zone doesn't exist.

barom3371d ago

That first kid should never have been allowed to play Gears 2 in the first place.

Anyway, I don't PS3 games are underrated. I do think Halo 3 was wayyy overrated though. I mean at heart it's a good FPS but NOT in any way outstanding. It should've been somewhere between 80-87%. If you think I'm wrong, PLEASE tell me why. I've asked it many times before and no one seem to be able to answer me why Halo 3 got such high scores.

Gears kinda deserves it's score though, it technically revolutionized the cover system and made it really enjoyable. I mean it's not really my cup of tea but I can see why other people might enjoy it.

I do think Mass Effect is a bit overrated though. It had some really REALLY serious issues. Like a lot of pop-ins and glitches. Combat was kinda weak and the RPG aspect was really just okay. I do see why people enjoy it but I do not see it deserving 9.5s and up. It should've stay around 85%'ish.

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Pandemic3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

In the second vid how he just kept getting angry.. he needs a chill pill.. :P

Deadman643371d ago

He needs a life, sunlight, and food. Hell, he needs some form of contact by a female other than his mother.

Shepherd 2143371d ago

you guys know these videos are fake right? the first video he clearly misses on purpose so he will die and throw out some fake anger. The second vid is fake too, lots of people did these kinds of fake anger videos when halo 2 had just came out just search those on youtube too and you'll see what i mean if you care about this article for whatever reason.

Pandemic3372d ago

Its funny how people get so angry over games such as this.. Its not the end of the world :L

Nineball21123371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

Is that a typical gamer on Live? If so... man, I hope PSN never becomes like that.

That was even painful to watch, but funny in a "I really pity those guys" kind of way.

And another thing, both kids really needs an ass-whipping from their parents. :-)

But the second one might have a future as a death metal singer.

Mozilla893371d ago

The kid in the first video seems way too spoiled, I'm not gonna let my kids have access to a projector like that all the time and mess up $60 games just cause they suck at them,

And the kid in the second video, is he the same guy who did the halo vids? I don't think he's the typical gamer on Live, he's just being stupid and taking the game way too seriously.

Of course I suspect that they both are faking too.

JBaby3433371d ago

It was better when not many people had PS3s. Now there are tons of idiots on there and they can really ruin the experience.

Masta_fro3371d ago

this is all extremely stupid and makes me feel ashamed of being human...

The guys on the video are complete jackasses. Having so much anger locked up inside you is harmful to yourself and to others.

why they say f*ck 20 times a minute is beyond me.

this is straight up ridiculous and i truly hope its fake. The guy in the second video sounds

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