Microsoft Admits the NXE Can Break 360 Audio Outputs, Working on Fix

Destructoid writes: Oh Microsoft. Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft. After a somewhat successful launch of its New Xbox Experience, you would think that for once, we had escaped widespread reports of the usual bullsh*t linked to the Xbox 360. Think again.

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swiftshot933489d ago

i didnt get that. Im getting a lot of freezing though. Its actually ridiculous because this didnt happen until i downloaded NXE. i just hope they can patch it. although all those arcade owners are screwed since the memory card only has enough for the NXE-no room for update...

GiantEnemyLobster3489d ago

The only way to fix it is to take out the harddrive, turn the console on, wait for it to get to the dashboard, plug back in the harddrive, and then magically the sound comes back once the console resets. Hope this 'fix' comes quick because its getting annoying.

Blademask3489d ago

But the odd thing.. No one covers it. Just like this story will just fall to the bottom of the pile.

People care about PDF's more than they do the games.

tehReaper3489d ago

Bricking? No. Audio problems? Yes.

Theres a difference.

Also, Gears of War 2's multiplayer has been patched with a title update.

pixelsword3489d ago

...Breaking audio outputs? Yes.

There's a difference.

tehReaper3489d ago

Ohh, I'm so sorry Pixel. I had no idea audio problems didn't include breaking audio outputs. Maybe I should be more specific before I set myself up for such a weak counter. -_-;

I'm not defending Microsoft, just stating that it's NOT bricking consoles like he said.

LokMessier3489d ago

Seriously what is going on with Microsoft as of late? It seems some of these things are causing a bit more harm than good.

On a side note - Creepy picture...

Timesplitter143489d ago


LokMessier3489d ago

Close the window before it's to late!!

ElementX3489d ago

Holy crap that is creepy. Anyway, I haven't had any NXE problems. I've only been playing Fallout 3 and I get the occasional freeze, but I think that's just the game.

dexterwang3489d ago

@3.3 not much problem here either, though I haven't really touched my 360 due to finals... but anyways, careful... my few freezes here and there turned into a rrod after a couple weeks. Lets hope ur console doesn't follow the footsteps of mine

insomnium3488d ago

No it's your console unless you've scratched your disc. I've been playing FO3 for hours and not a single freeze.

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Timesplitter143489d ago

It just couldn't be Microsoft without at least a few problems here and there

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The story is too old to be commented.