NWR: Sonic Unleashed Review

Sonic Unleashed is a game full of duality. The Hedgehog levels are a lot of fun, and the controls accentuate that. On the flip-side, the Werehog levels are riddled with frustratingly boring combat and gameplay. It never helps that the game can't let go of its ridiculously dumb story.

* Great graphics
* Hedgehog levels

* Everything about the Werehog
* Focus on the story

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ShinFuYux3490d ago

when it's cheap though...

LokMessier3490d ago

I knew it! Werehog, heh everyone seems to hate that; though the thing is in the past I used to always think "Why the hell can't sonic punch?!" Now that he can semi punch I'm asking myself "Why the hell can sonic punch?!"

Overall though I think I'll buy this game just as well when it gets cheaper, though more than likely going to rent this and tomb raider first (Seeing as a few people have said Tomb Raider is short). Though still plan to at least purchase them later on at reduced value.

baraka0073490d ago

They should either go back to 2d or just stop making sonic games.