Life in a Game: Great Webseries or The Greatest Webseries?

Kdin Jenzen writes:

"Ever since video games were created, gamers worldwide have had a similar thought: "What if I was in a video game?" Stomping on goombas, suiting up in Spartan armor, and shooting annoying drivers off the road with a gravity gun are the most common of thoughts; however, what about the downsides of being in a video game? This is exactly what the creative minds behind Life in a Game thought of when making their show. Don't know what Life in a Game is? Well you are surely missing out, and to give you a better look into the series, we are going to go inside the minds of the two men behind the series: Jonathan Tran and Daniel Califf-Glick! Don't worry; we won't be using a shrink-ray…much."

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