TrustedReviews: Guitar Hero: World Tour Review

And, in the end, fun is what Guitar Hero has always been about. TR still thinks Rock Band gives you a better feel for life in a band, but World Tour is – even more than Guitar Hero III before it – the better game for those wanting straight single-player and online action. Of course, their opinion might change when they get their hands on Rock Band 2, and before you commit to either line of products you might want to check out the relevant setlists and DLC packs to see if there's anything that pushes you one way or the other. If not, then think about how and who you play with and – if you want a guitar game - World Tour is a good way to go.

Guitar Hero still can't match Rock Band for real band atmosphere, but World Tour is the better single-player game. What's more, the various tweaks and new features make this the strongest Guitar Hero yet.

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