1UP: Exclusive Heavy Rain Developer Interview

At E3 in 2006, Quantic Dream president and CEO (and Heavy Rain writer and director) David Cage showed a tech demo of an actress auditioning for a role with quick dramatic emotional shifts. It wasn't from any particular game, according to Cage, but designed to show how an in-game character could look and act -- and many associated it with the title "Heavy Rain," in part because E3 kiosks labeled it as such.

But it wasn't. So fans of Quantic Dream's previous adventure game, Indigo Prophecy, had to wait to see what the developer had in the works. Fast-forward to this year's Leipzig Games Convention: Cage ran through press meetings to formally unveil the title. Sort of, anyway. He showed a live gameplay sequence that revealed many of Heavy Rain's planned features, but did so using a just-for-tradeshows scenario and story -- which, by dictionary rules, makes it tech demo No. 2.

Between those two showings, he created extremely positive buzz for the game -- in 1UP's Games Convention preview, they found themselves "as excited for the game as they have been for any in recent memory" -- and did so without actually showing the game itself. Is Cage a genius, and the media a bunch of suckers? (He does have four job titles, after all.) Perhaps it'd be more accurate to say that his ideas have generated a ton of excitement -- but to date, they've been demonstrated in highly controlled circumstances.

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Radiodread3519d ago

Its basically a movie, there's no fighting or shooting or nothing. The level of detail is awesome, but I don't know just seems more of an animated movie than a game. Please tell me if I'm wrong because I've been wonderin about preorderin this. Never played indigo prophecy but I heard its along the lines of this type of gameplay, if there is any.

barom3519d ago

You gotta try Indigo Prophecy to really understand, it can't be explained all that well. It's kinda like an interactive enviroment with lots of choices (and the choices matter) and action sequences (like QTE).

I mean just to give you an example which isn't particularly from the game but it's a indigo prophecy'ish gameplay. Okay so you're in your apartment. The police are after you because you killed someone because you got drunk and angry last night. Waking up you got this huge headache. Now you get to control your character, what do you want to do? You can get some medications, you can put on your coat and run, you can clean up the apartment of the blood you carried with you, you can put on some music, you can call a friend. Wait long enough and police come knocking on the door. Asking why there was so much noise last night. You can choose to kill him, you can try to talk your wait out of it or you can push him aside and start running.

That's an example of the interactive enviroment part. Of course the possible choices in Indigo Prophecy is a bit more limited than what I tried to make it out to be above. But hopefully Heavy Rain will do a lot better job now that Sony is backing them up.

Now the story is really really well told. It's one of the very few games that the story was my favorite feature of the game. One of the few games that I kept thinking, man I wonder what happens next. And that was my main drive to continue playing the game (kinda like MGS and Warcraft 3, but even better in my opinion) The ability to choose your answers (kinda like Fallout 3 but a bit more intense in a way) adds a lot as well.

The action sequences wasn't the best though, although I found them to be enjoyable. From the looks of the trailer it looks to be way more interesting than Indigo. For me, the main drive for the game was definitately story and then with possible choices you could make and how it "could" affect the outcome was pretty cool. Although Indigo prophecy started off good with choices it became a bit more linear later on. But it still did affect some or sometimes.

Radiodread3519d ago

and hiding behind your disagrees. LOL some people are really pathetic on here.

smurfie43519d ago

Quantic is going to have a rough time appealing to hardcore gamers with this game. It's mostly qte and contextual-based which is a lot different from most games out now. On a positive note I liked the hands-on demo they've shown.

locos853518d ago

Can't wait for this game. I loved Indigo Prophecy