IGN: Gears of War 2 vs. Halo 3

When people think of the Xbox 360 they think of one of two franchises: Gears of War or Halo. For each respective series it gets no better than Halo 3 and Gears of War 2. The two franchises, while different in their finer points, are the best possible representatives for what the action genre can produce on Xbox 360.

They both present strong, though admittedly cheesy, main characters with grandiose storylines wrapped around an even larger central conflict. In addition to main campaigns that each present varied gameplay with stylish cooperative components, both Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 contain some of the most forward-thinking feature sets you'll find in the gaming industry. Each also has its own legion of diehard fans and strong developer support to keep them all happy with constant content updates and specialized website integration.

With so many parallels between the two titans of the Xbox 360, it seems only fitting that IGN pits what are arguably two of the best videogame series of this generation against one another. Our six categories for consideration are: Graphics, Sound, Story, Gameplay, Feature Set, and Multiplayer. From that either Halo 3 or Gears of War 2 will emerge as the king of the shooter genre.

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thebudgetgamer3372d ago

everything these days is vs why not just take the two games for what they are great games


Time_Is_On_My_Side3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

What do you think the VGA stands for? Having a versus like this doesn't mean one game isn't great you're just determining which one is better than the other. Kind of like a UFC fight because one lost it doesn't mean the person sucks.

Example: Fank Mir vs. Antonio Nogueira both great fighters and is a battle I want to see.

miniduf13372d ago

Both games are great, but as seen in the video Halo 3 just offers soo much with such a large user based community. The fact that you can see all your stats, including everything about each match you have played from where on the map you got killed to where you killed people is amazing.

NaiNaiNai3372d ago

oh yes the halo community, filled with ego-mad teens, and swearing 10 year olds, T_T reason i sold my copy.

SixZeroFour3372d ago

there's this little thing on every persons gamercard called the mute button, works real well too

but i find that in this day and age, online in any fps game you'll find these types of ppl...the type of ppl that HAVE to spill out racial/homophobic terms just because they are losing or think it makes them look cool...the NXE's party chat also helps out if you play with friends, but thats kinda off topic

i rather enjoy the look and feel of both games...dont have gears 2 yet, but played it at a friends house

slackerr753372d ago

their neverrrrrr biased.

YonasJonas3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

I think Gears should have won.

die_fiend3372d ago

Halo 3 isn't really that good. So overrated it hurts. Did that somehow manage 2 beat Gears 2? If so that's just ridiculous.

Daishi3372d ago

What other FPS can you play soccer, grifball, or have rocket races? Plus messing around with the man cannon with friends in forge? It's not just your straight forward shooter and keeps evolving not just because of developer surport but because of the community. But when you compare Gears 2 to Halo 2 you see how much farther Gears can truly go.

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The story is too old to be commented.