PS3 Firmware (v2.53) Update

PlayStation Blog:

"Hi everyone, in the next PS3 firmware update (v2.53), coming soon, we're improving the way the Flash Player works with the internet browser. In addition to being able to access more sites using Flash, you'll be able to enjoy:

* Full-screen mode playability
* Live movie (using RTMP format) playability

Now it's going to be even easier to enjoy web content on your PS3, in full-screen!"

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UNCyrus3430d ago

I love all the updates, shows that Sony is committed to constantly improving their consoles.

Cajun Chicken3430d ago

Always something to look forward to when you turn on the big ol' black monolith.

Love it.

PoSTedUP3430d ago

oh yeah, they be hooking my ps3 up all the time : )

ape0073430d ago

keep up the hard work guys

uie4rhig3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

that sony doesn't want you to change your gaming hardware and wants you to buy more of their stuff :P
businesses know how to take your money these days :P
but yes competition is always good for the customer :) which is awesome 8-)

Dir_en_grey3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

When I went to internet browser and to Youtube. I used my keyboard to type in the youtube search bar and it would freeze my type in window after everything else has loaded up on the page.

This happened twice in a row already...

----------------------------- ------------
Just to make sure, I did it a 3rd time.... The window freeze comes on exactly when the PS3 browser's mouse/pencil mark loads up.
All 3 times I am unable to go to XMB menu but can only goto the shut system down menu.

If somebody knows Sony people forward this problem to them please...

Nineball21123430d ago

I'm hoping this firmware update will get some websites to work properly for me.

I've been trying to watch some old Twilight Zone episodes on, but it won't work... works but it's still touch and go for some reason.

computer3430d ago

Keep up the great updates Sony!

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resistance1003430d ago

The update is live now. At least in UK anyway

UNCyrus3430d ago

Live in the US too. However, its going quite slow because of all the traffic downloading it

resistance1003430d ago

It only took me about 5 mins to download, however i guess i got in before most.

ofx3603430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

i finish downloading like 3mins ago (US)

jamesrocks31473430d ago

in game voice chat sony!!!! all it needs now

prunchess3430d ago

Once Sony implement that, the PSN will definitely be on par if not better than xbox live.