Deadly Creatures officially delayed

Retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon began to modify the release date of Deadly Creatures a couple of days ago, which hinted that the game would be delayed. Deadly Creatures was scheduled to ship in December this year, but this is officially no longer the case...

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TheColbertinator3461d ago

I hope its good.Its still weird in concept to me though

littletad3461d ago

The chances of me getting it, remain the same.

byeGollum3461d ago

confirmed a release date or anything..

mastiffchild3461d ago

Might be just to iron out the bugs(no pun intended)they were reporting in the game and as long as it comes out pretty soon and doesn't drag on things still look promising-at least they're trying something new. Was anyone else shocked that they got BBT and Hopper to do voices in a Wii game?

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