CrispyGamer: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Review

CrispyGamer writes: "Football. It's the world's game. No, not the game played with a pigskin -- the real football, otherwise known as soccer. Konami's been producing videogames based on this most popular sport in the world for three console generations, and they've often been the very best. But in early 2008, Pro Evolution Soccer fell behind the rival FIFA series from Electronic Arts on high-definition home consoles. That year's PES on the PlayStation 3 was disgraceful next to its predecessors, and especially alongside the brilliant Wii edition that reinvented videogame soccer with its unique pointer-based controls".

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OGharryjoysticks3368d ago

Forget what this guy says about 2008 PES. 2008 on PS3 was just as fun as 2009. Obviously 2009 has better tech but 2008 is still PES.