Microsoft: Xbox 360 Outsold PS3 Over Weekend

In a sign that the Xbox 360 might outsell the PlayStation 3 for the third month in a row, Microsoft said it outsold Sony's PlayStation 3 by a three-to-one ratio over the Black Friday shopping weekend.

Holiday sales are critical for video game console makers because they account for the majority of console sales each year.


Updated, 8 pm: In a statement, Sony does not refer to Microsoft's claim. Sony's Peter Dille says, "We remain confident in our continued momentum, as evidenced by the most recent NPD numbers showing 90% growth in year-to-date sales. We're on pace to meet our fiscal year targets and believe our unmatched software line up and feature-rich hardware offerings will continue to drive our growth throughout the holiday season."

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socomnick3457d ago

lol of course ? not news everyone knew they were going to pwn Sony in the weekend.

sonarus3457d ago

Only 3-1? Cheapest console out there and thats the best they could do only 25% better than last yr. Pfft I am more interested in the actual numbers than how x console did compared to y

ASSASSYN 36o3457d ago

Most advanced console architecture in history and it couldn't compete with the cheapest console.

acedoh3457d ago

Some of you 360 fanboys need to get a life... Who cares??? Really you shouldn't be gloating about anything when the 360 is $50 cheaper than the Wii and still loses every week. But I guess you pick your battles. In reality it's pretty impressive with the economy people are spending $400 on a videogame console.

Omegasyde3457d ago

Wow way to spin the numbers, too bad the wii still outsold the 360.

RememberThe3573457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

3-1 is damn good. If the PS3 had out sold the 360 by that much people would be talking about how the 360 is dead.

This holiday is going to be tough for Sony. They can't seem to sell anything.

As much as I hate LightningPS3's comments, they are starting to ring true.

I want the console to do well because I want Sony to stay in the game. But they need to be more competitive or they're not going to gain anymore ground on the 360 and Wii.

tatotiburon3457d ago

LOL sonarus, fanboy in denial..."only 3-1" hahahaha..what it takes to shock you? 45-1? hahahahah and if it happens you will say "only 45-1?" hahahahah

sonarus3457d ago

lol nah i am not in denial but i still remain unimpressed by microsofts best efforts

cayal3457d ago

I am curious how does Microsoft know what Sony has sold?

ElementX3457d ago

Yes, only 25% more than last year, but last year the 360 outsold PS3 and it is again this year. I'm surprised PS3 didn't sell more than 360, you'd think it would with all the "loyal Sony fans who bought 120 million PS2s"

Death3457d ago

The Elite costs the same as a PS3 at $399. The Pro is $299 and the Arcade is $199. Microsoft sells 3 different SKU's and their totals are a combination of the 3. This should be simple. The confusing part of this holiday is Sony releaseing a more expensive PS3 just in time for Christmas. Seriously, what are they thinking with that?


vlazed3457d ago

I don't see how you can get disagrees for a true statement. Only a moron would brag about getting second place.

kewlkat0073457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

give them props, they have been able to use their deep pockets anyway they know how to make the 360 a pretty good choice as NICE package this holiday.

I've heard it all before..When MS and the Xbox 360 does better than expected..we get this from doubters..

1.Price Drop because of desperation
2.It was expected they are cheaper
3.Xbox 360 fans are stupid, immature and young(wasting their money)

How about for once..just admit

1.MS's strategy with the 3 SKU's is actually working. The SKU's are upgraded with bigger HDDS over time and such but people are buying whatever SKU fits their habit.

2.Ms's Advertising + Marketing strategy is on point. They market the big Exclusives very well I'd say. I know some complain about their PS3 games not making it on Mountain Dews, while some don't wanna look at Halo 3 Dew cans but that is the whole purpose of Marketing..(take a course why dontcha). Big edge if done right.

3.MS's strategy was to come out first(We all know they rushed it for good reason, at the same time jeopardized the 360's hardware quality. Somehow, they have been able to sustain sales. It has not been perfect with the RROD, but the 3 year warranty was swift and the year head start sorta softened that blow.

RROD is the BIGGEST AMMO against the xbox 360(just come to N4G) but like I said, with the year head start, they were able to minimize the damage and soften the disaster. With that said everything down below has and will help sales but some will continue to state "Xbox 360 sells because it's CHEAP".

+3-year warranty

+NXE/XBL - Came at a good time which allows HDD installs that lessens Heat, Noise, and Loading Times.(optional)

+Falcon + Jasper's chipsets will also hasten the death to RROD.(Continue to knock on wood though, which has become daily ritual I'm sure)

+Huge Gaming library with more diverse library than the competition with Big Blockbuster Sequels.

+Same Multiplatform games on other consoles

+3 Different SKU's at a decent Market Price(though upgradable if you buy the cheapest, you'll just have to bendover a lil, so save, until you get the one, you really want.)

Anyhow there is more to it why the 360 is selling, it's not just it's cheaper. It has always been cheaper. Plus there are 3 SKU's, the top SKU is still $399.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

Did you say "only 3 to 1"? Sonarus, last time you made a fool of yourself like this was when you said "only 2.1 million" when Gears 2 sold 2.1 million in a day. Take a break from your mind before you lose it.

acedoh "Really you shouldn't be gloating about anything when the 360 is $50 cheaper than the Wii and still loses every week" How's the PS3 doing?

jaysquared3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

Sony Press release= "We just got our a$$ handed to us in a silver platter in the biggest shopping week of the year"

Nintendo Press release="we owned our competition!"

INehalemEXI3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

Sony gaming hardware on the market


Ninty gaming hardware on the market



MS gaming hardware on the market

Xbox 360

Apple gaming hardware on the market


In the big picture MS has a long way to go. In terms of matching Sony and Ninty still. I am proud how well MS is improving in the industry(hardware issues aside.) I am sure 360 will last longer then its predecesor.

Despite PS3 being in 3rd place in sales its still the console that is sure to be supported 5 years from now. Will 360 and Wii? Maybe , who knows. Yes I am Sony bias, due to a them delivering in the past with out fail in my experiance.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3457d ago

I love how you count all three like the SDF website to try and cover the PS3's failure.

INehalemEXI3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

Its fact it not? PS3 competes with PS2 as well as its other rivals.
Outselling PS3 3 to 1 is an ....achievment yet Sony is selling 3 hardwares vs MS's 1 ....

How is PS3 a failure was Xbox and gamecube a failure? I did not think so...

Whats funny to me is the fact that you peep the SDF website. Ive never browsed that site and I got mad love for my PS2,PSP and PS3.

Omegasyde3457d ago




**Oh wait I forgot the Wii doesn't exist on N4g***

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH, THIS IS ABOUT THE 360 VS PS3" -Microsoft Fan club
"SHUT YOUR MOUTH, WAIT UNTIL PRICE DROP" -Sony Imaginary Stockholders

etownone3457d ago

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH, WAIT UNTIL PRICE DROP" -Sony Imaginary Stockholders

lol.. classic!!!

hate_me3457d ago

Dude you are right Wii outsold 360 BUT it outsold the ps3 by a bigger crap load margin. spinning, spinning, spinning....dizzy, dizzy, dizzy..... falling... falling.... falling

Bad_Karma3457d ago

Apples outsell Oranges in local ASDA store by 3 to 1 this weekend .

yeah i know ...boring and pointless shyte


nycredude3457d ago

These article pretty much sums up the problem with MS and it's fanboys. They all have that little d*%k syndrome. Always feels a need to beat the other one, the competition. Hahahahah. Every press conference and everything they say had the word Sony in it. I think Sony has really gotten into all of your heads and it's causing havoc!

It is sooo obvious it is getting pathetic.

How come Sony only talks about what they did compared to themselves last year> Because they are concerned with themselves and doing better, not just beating the competition. Their focus is in the right place.

The Lazy One3457d ago

dude... just wait till oranges are in season. You'll never even hear of apples anymore...

Sarick3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

The lower prices, No more warranty, and the new units are supposed to be more reliable.

Time to trade that old 360 in for a new one with a warranty and another 3 year extension. Why keep the one you have when we can get it replaced. Not sure if that unit will count towards sales or units shipped. More or less that big NetFlix add on might be a system seller to.

MS's now marketing strategy hit's home just recently I've started seeing Sony do the same. You'd see a game advertisement for a multi-platform game. Then just before the game advertisement ends instead of showing available for these systems only one console is shown with a price.

If it's 360, the screen turns white and then the 360 logo appears with sound effects. It then changes to a screen with a 360 setup then an announcer says "360 starting at one-ninety-nine."

If it's PS3 centered the image goes black and then the Playstation 3 logo and sound effect appears. Then it switches to a screen with a PS2, PS3 and a PSP.

Marketing has a lot to do with it as well, next time you see that Burnout Undercover or Fallout commercial watch the endings. ^.~ They're designed to lead people in to one system or the other.

Skadoosh3456d ago

Consider the fact that the ps3 just released 2 of its main guns LBP and Resistance 2. 2 games that were supposed to destroy the 360 especially LBP in system sales. So saying only 3:1 on your part is a pretty embarrassing defensive comment.

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CrippleH3457d ago

Of course. It's already 199 and with a cut from price on Black Friday even cheaper.

Black Friday shoppers are bargain shoppers.

season0073457d ago

yea and next year xbox360 will sell at 99 if they want to keep up the 25% yty increase and this 3:1 ratio

soljah3457d ago

i still don't think Sony should cut the price on the ps3 yet. that will come when they release ps3 lite next year. but Sony should as of today thru dec 31th do the following
go to all their heavy hitters, walmart,target,bb,gamestop,toy s are us,amazon etc, and have them issue a 100 store gift card with the purchase of a ps3 during the holidays. for customers who have purchased a system in last 30 days (price protect them).
while it is not a price cut per say it acts to the consumers as the same thing. everyone wins

PAPERCHASER03963457d ago

You are absolutely right microsoft sold quite a few 360s black friday but imagine how many customers will be pissed off to learn they purchased stripped down versions and need to purchase a hard drive and other things.... You get what you pay for

Sarick3457d ago

They can go lower because they get people to pay for the online services, the extra download content and hardware upgrades.

IMO, the RROD has added at least a few million to the install base and units shipped. Basically, 3rd party warranty companies exchange old units for new units when they break. Those new units have to count towards something.

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360 man3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

3 to 1 now come on seriously sony you have to try and be more competitive

its not hard lower the price and advertise more games
and advertise the fact that you have free online gosh !!

Aclay3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

@ 360man,

Yes you are right, it's not that hard to drop the price, but obviously Sony as a company isn't in the position right now to drop the PS3's price and take more losses.

However, if the rumors prove to be true, a PS3 price drop could be coming in March 2009, so a price drop may not be that far off. And a possible PS3 price drop a little after Killzone 2's release date is going to be pretty big.

The Xbox 360 is double the price of the 360, and it's expected to outsell the PS3.... but when the PS3 hits $299...well, we'll just have to see what happens then.

acedoh3457d ago

I think SONY is confident there is still plenty of the market left to be captured. Millions upon millions of PS2 owners still haven't moved up to the next gen so I think they will take their losses this holiday season and come on strong next year where they can drop the price.

RememberThe3573457d ago

That rings very true. But they need some positive numbers by the end of this quarter. They need to make money, and their first party games aren't selling.

Sony may very well have shown people the value of their console, but people are not in a position to spend $400-$500 on a game console. I am really curious to see the NPD numbers for Nov.

Flipgeneral3457d ago

The year of 2009 will determine SONY's fate imo. They need to put out some really amazing exclusives Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, God of War 3 (hopefully). If the PS3 cannot top the 360 (consistently) after Killzone 2, then I fear for the future of my sole console.

But you know what, I have a feeling I shouldn't be worried and that SONY will come back hard next year.

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Keele3457d ago

Microsoft succeeds.


Tmac3457d ago

Right cuz vista is testament to that right.

dukadork3457d ago

they're at least good at 1 thing:
finding unsuspecting baboons to screw up the A$$ and getting paid for it


davesdavid923457d ago

ps3 is way better than 360

snoopgg3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

I just wanna know how many Elites are being sold by Microsoft. I bet you the number isn't that great. Why, cause the 360 elite costs too much for the average Joe Bot to buy. Dumb parents buy this cheap arse $200 console thinking they got a deal. Oh, they don't know what thier in for. To compare this cheap piece of crap to a Ps3 isn't justifiable. Lets compare Ps3 sales to 360 Elite sales. I bet you Ps3 dominates in this comparison. They are in the same price range, so you should compare these sales, not the $400 dollar ps3 to a $200 360 without a harddrive. For christ sake, you don't have to be a rocket scientist too figure out that the $200 dollar console will sell better during a recession. The only people buying Ps3s are the ones with disposabel income, the poor bots and their parents are stuck buying these cheap,overheating,inferior product known as the 360 arcarde!!!! If the elites 360 are so good with hdmi and hardrive why aren't they selling that well? The price people, it makes a difference believe me. especially during a recession. At the end of the day, the Ps3 is the better console. Enough said!!!!

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Tmac3457d ago

Wow A whole weekend. get over yourselves, Xbox 2,000,000 Ps3 3,000,000