Top 10 Star Wars Video Games of All Time

From the Macintosh to the Wii there have been some great Star Wars video games, and this list names the ten best of all time.

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RKRigney3248d ago

ooh... good topic, methinks. Some Star Wars games are amazing, and others are just an epic fail.

Perjoss3247d ago

the fact that Farce Unleashed is on that list makes it obsolete. Games like X-Wing Alliance

RKRigney3248d ago

The Force Unleashed was horrible.

hombrehambre3248d ago

i agree. unleashed sucks.

RKRigney3248d ago

The force powers weren't even powerful once you started fighting enemies that weren't affected by them...

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BigSwede3248d ago

I'd put Knights of the Old Republic 2 at #1. Then again I never played the SNES games that were on the list.

DDP3248d ago

Super Star Wars FTW!

hombrehambre3248d ago

Agree about KOTOR2. But I also liked the Super Star Wars trilogy being on the list. Haven't thought about those games in ages. Makes me wish I still had a SNES.

Volvobug3248d ago

KOTOR2 blows compared to 1.

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The story is too old to be commented.