How to unlock Halo 3 Recon armor with Achievements

Destructoid writes: "Halo 3's extra special Spartan Recon multiplayer armor will finally be available to any player willing to crank out some Achievement points in both Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST. The latest issue of Game Informer spells out the process involved. First you'll need to complete the four Vidmaster Challenge Achievements included in the last update. After that, you'll have to complete the three additional Vidmaster Achievements in ODST.

If you aren't an avid Halo 3 fan, you may recall the Recon armor from the news generated by it. Bungie only gives it out to those it deems cool enough to have it. This bunch is usually composed of awesome players and journalists. A few isolated Xbox Live account hackings have occurred because of the rarity of the virtual item.

At least now those who have the armor don't have to look over their shoulder constantly because of it. For those of you who are dying for it, you'll finally get your shot. It just might take a good deal of (legal) effort on your part. "

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PureGamer3428d ago

it doesnt even look good though.

Dmitry Orlov3428d ago

I want new cool elite armor - there are 13 armor sets for spartans and only 5 for elites!

Legion3426d ago

Brilliant... idiot. Try linking to an article that doesn't need an admin passowrd to view it.