GamesRadar: The Top 7... Games you won't get to until 2009

GamesRadar writes: "Another holiday shopping season is here, bringing with it the grim realization that, once again, the game industry has failed to learn its damn lesson. Just like every other year, seemingly every game publisher on the planet has decided to shove its biggest releases onto store shelves for the holidays, confident that they won't be buried under the avalanche of every other publisher doing the exact same thing. Of course, "buried" is exactly how a lot of those games will end up, including some of the high-profile, high-quality ones that we've all been salivating over for months."

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brycespitler3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

so any game on the ps3 pretty much will never be played until some other day next year?
a few of them are right but resistance and little big planet are not being waited to be played next year by ps3 owners.

Dirty J3371d ago

lol already like have 4 of them games on that weird list