Yahoo!: Wii, Xbox 360 Most Searched Console Terms In 2008

Nintendo's Wii was the most popular home console queried by Yahoo! users in 2008, according to the search engine company's Top 10 list of the most most-searched-for technology terms.

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LightningPS33365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

PS3 # 7, XBOX 360 # 4, Wii # 3. All 3 consoles made the top ten.

lokiroo4203365d ago

People use yahoo for searching? Ha!

Real Gambler3365d ago

First, who use Yahoo as a search engine!

Two, people will search for PS3 and "Playstation 3", so I would like to see the results for both added up. On the other side, everybody search only for Wii, and Xbox 360.

firerock913365d ago

the Wii is the simplest to spell

Mr Fancy Pants3365d ago

this is what you would call a flamebait article and it generates a lot of hits for the site.

Voiceofreason3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

Dude get over it. Wii was the number 1 console searched on Yahoo. Yeah PS3 was 4 or 5 places behind it. I am sure you think that means PS3 is the most sought after so they should change it but its ok as is. Wii was the actually winner followed by 360..In what race does anyone in journalism care about the 3rd place and beyond finishers?
Grats you bought a next gen GC, enjoy the next couple of years of little exposure for your console, among other things. Wait.. Thats really not a fair comparison. Gamecube was never gimped by a single speed drive made to push a movie format through at the cost of consumers.Also GC didnt need 5 gig installs or patches to get games running on par with xbox...Hold it I got.. It's a next gen Virtual Boy.. After all Sony did promise 4D graphics.

ultimolu3365d ago

1. Pretty sure that some 360 games also needed patches.
2. Not all PS3 games needed installation.
3. That was arrogance on Sony's part but why beat a dead horse.

You're telling him to get over it and yet you come up with a load of BS.

mikeslemonade3365d ago

Well that also accounts 360 searches for hardware repair.

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