Console Monster: Scene It? Box Office Smash Review

Console Monster writes: "You know when Christmas is approaching when the games start flooding in, and more specifically, the family games. Titles such as You're In The Movies and Lips have opened the Xbox 360 into the more casual market. Accompanying them two is Scene It? Box Office Smash, the latest in the Scene It? video game series. Developed by Krome and Screenlife and published by Microsoft Game Studios, Scene It? BOS looks set to bring the family closer together, in a unique gaming experience.

For those of you new to the series, Scene It? is based on the DVD board game of the same name, which can be played in two lengths: long or short. Opting for the long game uses a bigger board with the opposite for the latter. Players take it in turns to roll two dice and to answer questions from trivia cards, DVD challenges or "Buzz cards". The winner is the person who wins a "Final Cut" challenge at the end of the game. The video game is slightly different to the board game as it has been adapted so that it can be played using a big button controller..."

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