IGN: The Wonder Pets Save the Animals Review

The game's use of everything from the stylus to the microphone shows that it was designed with the DS in mind. The poor presentation, short length, and lack of diversity in mini-games will likely cause kids to forget the game exists once something more bright or colorful enters their peripheral vision. At the end of the day, though, parents want to know if their kids would enjoy this game. If they like the Wonder Pets they will love this game -- for about half an hour. The actual show features so much more substance all around and is far more educational than the game. If you are looking for an educational game for your kids, look into Word Muncher and Math Blaster. Those games worked wonders in the nineties.

Presentation - 5.0
Graphics - 3.0
Sound - 2.0
Gameplay - 4.0
Lasting Appeal - 3.0
Overall -

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