IGN: The Boomerang: What Might Have Been

Back at the beginning of May in 2005, everyone knew that the PlayStation 3 was in the works, but no one outside of Sony or its most trusted development studios knew what was in store for Sony's E3 2005 press conference. Upon arriving in Los Angeles for the show mid-month, people began seeing hints that the system would be unveiled in some manner. After all, Microsoft had already lifted the cloth off the Xbox 360, so it was Sony's turn to show its hand.

Situated conspicuously on stage, in the press shots and snuggled against the system in the glass display cases at the show was the PlayStation 3's new controller. It was never given an official name or even directly talked about at any point during the show, it was just sort of there. The Boomerang, as it was immediately dubbed, was as interesting a design as it was mysterious. Given how open Sony was about the inner specs of the PS3, why wasn't even a single word spoken about the controller?

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jwatt3515d ago

They should bring it back in black and limited.

goflyakite3515d ago

Agreed, I'd probably buy it.

Can't hurt to just release a limited number right?

lento3515d ago

ya release it even in limited numbers.... see the public's response to it... go from there

ShinMaster3515d ago

I think they were just messing with us, to make us go, "WTF!?" and then bring out the good old classic model which we all know and love, and say, "oh, thank you".

Nitrowolf23515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

I think there is a PS2 version of this. Its a boomaring shape i saw it at my target awhile ago. Its looks crappy cause its a 3rd party controller

Edited: here we go

cactuschef3515d ago

Haha, the first comment on the source article is about a guy who got a 3rd party psone controller that looked just like that. He said he thought it was comfortable to use.