Is Uncharted 2, officially charted, set to step out at GDC 09? posted 27th October 08

"I don't like dealing in rumors and we've seen a lot of those types of people come and go now Surfer Girl, Games Blow, Skater Boy and a host of others. But I have word from a pretty damn good source that Uncharted 2 is set to make a playable appearance at GDC 09' coming up and will be officially unveiled by a major publication in December. Also, word has it from ol' buddy that at the VGA's the game will have a new teaser trailer for the game leading inward.

Set in the Snowy Mountains of a yet to be disclosed area, he said Uncharted 2 is going to be 50% uncharted, 25% Cliff Hanger and 25% Metal Gear Solid 4. He's seen it in action and it looks brilliant.

Again, nothing more than that... but it sounds logical. Ol' buddy said it won't be the only game Naughtydog shows off next year, either. Jak perhaps? "

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TheColbertinator3518d ago

Are you sure Gamesblow is not a figment of your imagination,Silogon?


Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3518d ago

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ONLY!!!;)


cajuncandb3518d ago

You claim to know everything spouting SONY crap everywhere on these forums. Why is it that you the know it all of Next Gen gaming claimed in a post not long ago to still not have an HDTV and yet claim everything is graphically superior. How would you know. You have never sat in your own environment and enjoyed something in HD right. But hell you know it all. Sure you probably played at a friends house but that is hard to do when you have no friends isn't it.

Quote: The xBox 360 still can't even beat the Wii at it's lower price??? That's the BIGGEST FAIL EVER!!! ;-D

You post that crap all over the place failing to realize that the only competition for the Wii is the PS2 - ITS A LAST GEN CONSOLE with a motion controller gimmick. It isn't even true HD. So STOP COMPARING SALES of the WII to the Next Gen Console that is the Xbox 360. The only competing systems on the Next Gen HD Platform with full online experience right now are the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Lastly - stop getting yourself off to all this PS3 fanboy crap man - most everyone else has welcomed the console war due to the many things it has brought experience wise this generation. Sony continues to delay everything but shows promise of somethings down the road (chances are when its too late - but still)

You are probably the biggest smack talker on these forums calling everyone else out as a fanboy when it is really you who is confused. Every single AAA title you have bragged about (except for MGS4) has flopped this year and become nothing (esp not a AAA) - perhaps if you kept your mouth (hands) shut - then SONY would start getting a better rep - unlike you.


Microsoft_Spokesman3518d ago

Nice! Wasting your time on writing an essay that about half of the people are even gonna bother to read the first sentence. Get a life, moron.

TOO PAWNED3518d ago

I know this wont be approved, but what ever. Maybe now more people will pay attention to Silogon and his site.

BTW last part that Uncharted 2 isnt only Naughty dog game for next years, sound interesting. Maybe Jak:quest for booty PSN :)

Mainman3518d ago

25% MGS4? Thats a win by default.

GVON3518d ago

I forgot how good the first looked

I loved doing that part on crushing

iamtehpwn3518d ago

mmmm, mmmmmmm, what a tasty orgasm :]

Bonsai12143518d ago

25% of infinity is still infinity. therefore, uncharted 2 is win.

but in all honesty, i loved the first one, and i will definitely pick up this one asap.

RememberThe3573518d ago

bubbles, that made me laugh.

Tidus113518d ago

Props to silogon and his site looks like his source was correct.

Doppy3518d ago

50 % Uncharted, 25 % climbing, and 25% MGS. Hopefully this means their going to fix all the very minor complaints I had with the first one.

If so then this game will surely be amazing

iHEARTboobs3517d ago

50% uncharted, 25% Cliff Hanger and 25% Metal Gear Solid 4 = $100 awesomeness

LebaNoob3517d ago

Yeah, Silogon's got a pretty good site running.

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Endorphin3518d ago

Ooooooh! *claps hands* I like stealth!

xionpunk3518d ago

AHA! Hope for a new Jak game!

Mr Fancy Pants3518d ago

Why everybody is always praising GeoW2 graphics when Uncharted looks miles away better? Maybe because of all the frame-rate issues? Yeah but teh CELL!!! Yeah the CELL helps to make this amazing graphics...

You just need to play the first level (the one on the boat) and the first thing that will going to come out of your mouth is: WOW!!!. =)

If all the frame-rate issues are fixed for the sequel, even if the game looks the same as some unknown source said then this would be the second most beautiful game of 2009 with Killzone2. That if Uncharted 2 comes for 2009...

cmrbe3518d ago

I died many times trying to swim across while the baddies where shooting at me.

Yeah. Clearly overall environment Uncharted is better than Gears no doubt but in terms of character models Gears wins.

However if Nathan had a space marine suit i am sure ND would have been able to match or surpass it. I still remeber the director of Unchated said they wanted a ordinary hero that plays, acts and sound like someone realistc. Its one of the reason why i like Nathan as a character so much.

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