Uncharted 2 name and details revealed

GameInformer write: Fancy yourself an Uncharted fan? Well you're not going to want to miss our next cover (sequel!). We've got Uncharted 2: Among Thieves featuring 10 pages of world-exclusive details. Nathan Drake returns with a whole new adventure which revolves around the 13th century explorer Marco Polo and his voyages. The new PlayStation 3 title will add a free climbing mechanic and stealth gameplay. Players can also expect all-new locations, characters and a focus on the game's story.

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kharma453515d ago

The trailer for it looks brilliant :D

I cannot wait for this game :D

lordgodalming3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Played the first one a few times already. Instant buy.

@kharma45: Thanks for the link. How did I miss a new trailer?

Beast_Master3515d ago

Would be on the must buy list even if it was called: "Uncharted 2: Nathan Saves Christmas!" or Goes to Camp, Goes to Jail, Saves Halloween.

Elimin83515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Wow....Wow He is spotting a beard and mustache too, I liked the old look but .... Wow looks like they are going for a darker feel. I don't mind.

Please release this next week.. I meant soon next yr perhaps... Early... Just saying

Coheno3515d ago

WAUW! Holy mother of F***! Really looking forward to this title! Loved the first one..

ape0073515d ago

WOW,uncharted 1 was one of the best games in this gen and one of the most underrated games this gen

can't believe,this looks unbelievable

that trailer was sick,I can't believe it,it's the actual in-game graphics,omg

uncharted 2,gow3,killzone 2

ps3 is a beast

MaxXAttaxX3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

UNCHARTED 2! UUGHH Can't wait!

arika3515d ago

this is why exclusive ps3 games rule, because they can show what a ps3 console is capable of.

MaxXAttaxX3515d ago

You know it!
Real-time cutscenes are totally metal!

jwatt3515d ago

So the rumor must be true, there was a tipster who said they saw footage of Uncharted 2 and that they also saw GOW and said it looked amazing.

theEnemy3515d ago

mustache on Nathan's face?

This is gonna be GoooD.

Farewell Lara, it's been nice knowing and joining your adventures, but Nathan is your successor now. :D

RememberThe3573515d ago

I can't take it! 2009 is going to be too awesome!

Bubble Buddy3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Drake reminds me of Hale in the trailer. :P

Gaming just keeps on getting better and better.

Yipee Bog3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

does that mean like assassins creed? oh boy, cant wait.

@theEnemy: I think it is a GOAT. well, at least its not thigh ticklers or a soul patch

shovelbum3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

Outfreakingstanding! I hope they have a little more exploration and a little less breakdancing bad guys this time around.

CrazedFiend3514d ago

Now do the game a favor and don't bring it up til maybe the last couple of months before its released. IMHO nothing has been killing these big budget games more than the 2-3 years of waiting and OVERHYPE they've been getting.

I honestly would rather not know that a game is even in existence until right b4 it's about to drop. Even then, I don't want to know everything that's put into the game until after I've played it.

Remember what it was like b4 developers felt they had to tell us about every bit of code that they'll be putting into their game that you can't even play until your children become grandparents?

Remember games like Super Mario Bro., and how each new stage seemed like a fresh technological feat? "Wow, this stage is under ground!", "Wow, this stage is under water!", "Holy s#!t, this stage has lava!...AND THERE'S A FREAKIN' TURTLE BLOWIN' FIRE AT ME!!!"

Remember that?

I know there are a lot of people out who like to hear about every little piece of juice that gets put into these games, and I'm one of them. It's just that, when I think about things like the movie Jurassic Park, I think I was more impressed with the movie and the dinosaurs finding out that they were CG after I watched the movie rather than I would have if I knew before. Same with the 1st Matrix movie. I think games and movies are the same in that aspect. I want them to wow me first, and then tell me how they did it. Not the other way around!

I mean I hardly even care about Killzone 2 anymore because, even though I've been doing my damned best to dodge this KZ2 news shower for the past, what...3 years(?), I still feel I know too much about the game.

And I think that people that like to find out all that they can about a game as early as they can in its creation, just plain like to wait for things. I, for one, don't. So we all know that Uncharted 2 is coming. How long do we have to wait? Six months? Anything longer than that and I feel that they probably let the news slip a little too early. Don't even get me started on FFXIII. How long have we known? How much longer will we be waiting?

I know Sony had to do this for a while at first to take some of that early thunder away from X360, but it seems to have become the norm this generation. And I, for one, don't cafe for this norm.

I know I may be in the minority on this one, but does anyone else feel the same way? Or can someone explain to me why they actually LIKE to know about and wait for a game for years and years?

Montrealien3514d ago (Edited 3514d ago )

that trailer real time rendering?

Eitherway I can`t wait for this game, I love the first one and Naughty dog are one of the great devs of the last 10 years. Hopefully it will have zero draw in, the vines drawing in the first one where a tad annoying on my 42 inch HD set but easily ingorable. Also it should be in 1080p native this time, since the first one was only 30% of the PS3`s power it should be. The PS3 Truly is a great piece of hardware, I love mine.

and +bubble crazedfiend, I hear ya. Hype is killing many games, I just try my best to avoid it at all time.

Jihaad_cpt3514d ago

I will be getting this the moment it comes out I loved Uncharted and nothing can stop me from purchasing Uncharted 2. I am a huge Nate fan. Trailer looks beautiful

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thor3515d ago

Sounds like the game could be set in Russia (the snowy section we know about), the Far East, the Middle East, India - I believe Marco Polo actually explored quite a few places so that's a real plus for the game! Travelling around the world treasure hunting FTW!

Sheddi3514d ago

I think its going to take place in Nepal.
That dagger is so familiar! I think I've seen it in "the shadow" the movie.

villevalorox3515d ago


RememberThe3573515d ago

I cannot wait for my GameInformer.

MK_Red3515d ago

Why is the art for GI cover so bland? It's Uncharted 2 for crying outload. Couldn't they have used a better picture / art from the game. Also, why it's font is so small? Overall, a cool game but a not so cool cover.

thor3515d ago

Whilst I agree, it doesn't really need a better cover to sell copies. I mean it's an exclusive scoop on UNCHARTED 2!

I think they are only going to show the snow environment for now. But I expect Drake to go all around the world including places like China and India. (Basing that on Marco Polo's travels)

MK_Red3515d ago

I know they will sell but come. Original Uncharted's GI cover was simple but awesome. Drake deserves a better cover IMO.

Ghoul3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

I do agree taht the fonts is way to small it should be all over the cover.

Jubo13515d ago

my first reaction. OMG OMG OMG im sooooooo stoked

Max Power3515d ago

"why did i think of sly cooper when i read that title?" i think a new title is in order, imo, either way i can't wait for this game.

Downtown boogey3514d ago

That was the thing I thought was missing from the predecessor!