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Submitted by MK_Red 2623d ago | trailer

Uncharted 2 Debut Teaser

The world exclusive debut of Uncharted 2. (PS3, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves)

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Fishy Fingers  +   2623d ago
Ooooh Snow! I'm excited!
sushipoop  +   2623d ago
Holy sh*t! I wonder where it takes place this time. REAL-TIME by the way. Naughty Dog only does real-time cut-scenes.
Fishy Fingers  +   2623d ago
No doubt, in game, the amimations maybe custom or tweeked for the trailer, but yeah real time.
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thor  +   2623d ago
Uncharted 2 is going to be so amazing. I hope to see some expanded platforming and puzzle sections together with the same awesome gunplay, maybe some more melee moves, and sharper graphics/animations than last time. It's a shame the teaser is so short :( But it is only a teaser I suppose.

I didn't expect snow :O
kharma45  +   2623d ago
I didn't expect snow either, quite a stark contrast to the jungle of the last game, but this has the scope to be as epic and as fun as the last game :)

Bring it on Naughty Dog! :D
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Cyrus365  +   2623d ago
I hope there is 2 player co-op play, whether it's playing as Ellen or the other cat right within in the single player mode.

As well, playing the game on insane level, i wish the computer wasn't so cheap, I passed it, but was cursing all the way through.

I'd also like some more puzzle solving elements and a bit more complicated than the easy stuff in uncharted.
vickers500  +   2623d ago

Dude... what the hell are you doing here?

ontopic: I hope Uncharted 2 has a multiplayer mode this time around. I would gladly sit through a delay if they could.
thor  +   2623d ago
Why bash the PS3 here? I couldn't care less if they cut the price or not, because I HAVE A PS3. So I don't need to buy one. Most people don't really care about sales. All I care about is the great games that are consistently being pumped out by Sony's 1st party studios. Uncharted 1 was awesome. Uncharted 2's going to be more awesome if it pans out.

"The PS3 is just irrelevant" - not to millions of people worldwide. Quit trolling.
ICUP  +   2623d ago
Report LightningPS3 as spam

i advise everyone to do the same

it getting annoying.

On topic: Can't wait for the game.
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mustash2003  +   2623d ago
Do you wake up each morning wanting to fail? Get the hell out of here, you spread nothing but hate
Daver  +   2623d ago
OMG! its gonna be so awesome! I wished there would be snow! ooh yea!
Kyur4ThePain  +   2623d ago
Only one more bubble to go.
Here, I'll help a little.
kharma45  +   2623d ago
I'll help Lightning too :P
yesah  +   2623d ago
i couldnt give a damn about multiplayer for this game, it would draw focus away from the story. There are enough second rate online shooters, we need more games like uncharted. Masterpieces
BattleAxe  +   2623d ago
Looks very very interesting, can't wait.
INehalemEXI  +   2623d ago
OMG was not expecting to see such good news today !

First thing I notice is the awesome snow texture maps drake has. The first uncharteds wet maps where impressive. Now its snow !
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Milky Joe  +   2623d ago
HOLY MOTHERF... I want Uncharted 2...

I'm going to watch that again.
Danja  +   2623d ago
WOW now im really excited about this game it looks amazing...

I hope they include 2-player co-op this time around...
Dark General  +   2623d ago
I agree with yesa. No multiplayer bs. This is single player game through and through. If anything like Danja said some offline coop would be nice so my girlfriend could play as Elana.
arika  +   2623d ago
only one way to describe it.
OH MY GOD! bring it on naughty dogs! can't wait for this game! it got me soo hype that i'm going to go through the first one again. awesome news!
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Jamegohanssj5  +   2623d ago
Game will be awesome just as the first. Keep on rolling out with the exclusives.

jwatt  +   2623d ago
Yes I wasn't sure if Uncharted 2 was going to come out in 09 but now it's looking very promising. I guess Jak is going to have to wait untill 2010.
dj_funky  +   2623d ago
wow! can't wait to see how the snow takes effect in this game.. the best snow i've seen in a ps3 platform was MGS4 when snake went back to shadow moses.

nathan drake will own.
house  +   2623d ago
oh snap
2009 just got alot better for ps3
jaysquared  +   2623d ago
Mark my words 2009 is the year of the PS3! Just like 2006, 2007 and 2008! </sarcasm>
RememberThe357  +   2623d ago
This is only a teaser and I'm f*cking syked!
Kaneda  +   2623d ago
I just wet myself! :) can't wait!
psnDevistator356  +   2623d ago
LightofDarkness  +   2623d ago
That is all...
PS3 FTW  +   2622d ago
Uncharted 1 was AMAZING!

I have the "Uncharted: Drakes Fortune" Platinum Trophy and loved every second of every trophies hunt and I'm sure U2 will be even better than U1 :D
ThanatosDMC  +   2622d ago
My pants just exploded!!!

I cant wait for this game!!
Final_Rpg  +   2622d ago
Holy God, that looks awesome. Did you see the graphics, if that was realtime then HELL YES.
eagle21  +   2622d ago
Uncharted + PS3 = A taste of heaven on earth.
Uncharted is in my top 10 games of all time. I have gamed since the NES/SNES era and have played them all. Naughty Dog has my money already. Happy gaming. This is the best news in a while! :)
SL1M DADDY  +   2622d ago
Good gravy!
I have played through Uncharted about 7 times now and love it every time. Now I get to go through another one! Yeah baby!
solidt12  +   2622d ago
Oh yeah!!!!
This game will be a heavy hitter next holiday and I can't wait. PS3 already has a great line up of games for 09 and not all have been announced yet. WOW!
thereapersson  +   2622d ago
LOL, look at how many replies this has
It just shows how excited people are for this, or how eager they are to troll. Either way, this game is going to be big!
BYE  +   2622d ago
Snow is a great idea for part two, Naughty Dog will put a lot of detail into this as they did with water in part 1. Footsteps, snow dust which moves with the wind and tiny snowflakes on Drakes face. This will be groundbreaking.

And of course it's realtime, what do you expect. Part 1 had realtime cutscenes too so CGI Renders would be a step back ;)
Kyur4ThePain  +   2623d ago
Fing awesome.
ViRaL-  +   2623d ago
It looks Sick!!!
*Head Explodes*
yesah  +   2623d ago
uncharted was one of the best games i ever played, this looks like it will live up to the first.
Chubear  +   2623d ago
How long before you get those
"What's so special about Uncharted anyways" threads flooded on every single PS3 forum on the planet XD

The FUD for this game will go through the roof 2 weeks before it's launch... just like every single PS3 exclusive title. Up next - Killzone II. Hold on to your pants cause trolls are going to kick it into over drive February 1, lol.
Dark General  +   2623d ago
Let them troll. Uncharted is a must play game. Seriously.
whoelse  +   2623d ago
No coincidence this comes in less than a month for xmas. And on Thursday, its Killzone 2 night!
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i_like_ff7  +   2623d ago
A teaser for a teaser trailer? Lol. Love the way the snow cakes onto drake.
rucky  +   2623d ago
Dammit I want to see more!
cheese  +   2623d ago
It's the Himalayas, bet your bottom dollar. And we'll see a drop off in the jungles, too. Probably India. This matches all the rumours.
TOO PAWNED  +   2623d ago
Best looking game out there gets a sequel, awesome!
militant07   2623d ago | Spam
BRACHATTACK   2623d ago | Spam
Deviant  +   2623d ago
i cannot believe uve srsly responded
Fiona  +   2623d ago
i played all those game too, but i think uncharted has better graphics. much more pleasant to look at. gears just to grey. and i hope to see more colors in killzone too.
thor  +   2623d ago
Uncharted DOES have some issues like aliasing especially, and I think MGS4 and Gears 2 clearly beat it from a polish and spit-shine perspective. The amount of action on-screen and the amount of detail in both of those games also trumps Uncharted 1. You can say Uncharted looks nicer though because it does look fantastic just from an artistic perspective. And I literally remember my jaw dropping on that U-boat level so it definitely has its moments that exceed MGS4 and Gears 2, but both those games have their moments that exceed Uncharted's usual graphics.

Don't forget that Uncharted is also one of the most FUN games to play on the PS3 and that's why we should all be excited about a sequel.

EDIT: I take the disagrees to mean that you think Uncharted doesn't have aliasing (it clearly does unless you are blind), that Uncharted DOESN'T have jaw-dropping moments, and that Uncharted isn't fun. Thanks for your opinion.
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sushipoop  +   2623d ago
You don't have a PS3, militant07. Just stop lol. MGS4 and Uncharted both mop the floor with Gears of War 2. Get that Unreal Engine 3 trash outta here. Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 will be in leagues of their own so it's they're not even worth mentioning here.
stevenhiggster  +   2623d ago
I Totally agree, get the unreal engine outta here, it looks crap! Seriously I dunno what people think is good about it. Yes the graphics it creates are highly detailed, but they have no substance, it all just looks like skins put over generic models to me? It all looks hollow. Who cares though!!!!!

Back On Topic...

I'm well excited about this, uncharted is definately my favorite PS3 game.
DaTruth  +   2623d ago
Unreal Engine
has great graphics... Once all the textures finally pop-in.
cmrbe  +   2623d ago
I played both
and i will say in terms of detail textures i go with gears but the overall graphics to Uncharted. Gears tend to just focus on the character models and proximity environment but Uncharted overall is better

Gears dose a great job in hiding graphics imperfection though use its dark and grey colour pallet as well as other effects like motion blur but uncharted is clean cut great graphics.

Do you guys remeber the last battle scene in Uncharted?. Up to now i still haven't seen anything like it yet.
OGharryjoysticks  +   2622d ago
My graphic whore take
I'm going to have to give Uncharted top marks this gen overall because it did have problems here and there, but being able to look through the water that actually looks like water to the rocky bottom of the canal while your on a jet ski or being able to see the effects of the water on your character after being in water while in the detailed jungle with lighting that shines through individual leaves trumps all the other games I've ever seen. I am afraid that a move to snow might ruin the fun however because a snowy landscape presents far fewer colors and too many games today use limited colors.
JBaby343  +   2622d ago
@ Thor
You have a good point about the aliasing in Uncharted but it's not that bad and was mostly overlooked. I think Gears 2 and MGS4 are a little more polished as you say but then they came out at later dates as well, especially Gears 2, so you have to consider that.

As far as things going on on-screen, I'd have to disagree. After playing Gears 2 with my brother over Thanksgiving it suffers from the same weakness as the first in that it still only has a few guys on-screen at once. Uncharted had more enemies, plus still very good graphics all around, better lighting/dynamic shading on all characters, plus the best water effects on sometimes huge scales of any game I've seen. So you could say that overall those two games look a little better but I would not say they "trump" Uncharted.

Just to add, in my opinion Uncharted doesn't get enough attention for its textures. It has amazing textures almost everywhere and in the underground parts, particularly The Vault level, they are nothing short of spectacular.
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BYE  +   2622d ago
Yep, Uncharted is the best looking console game and part 2 will push the PS3 hardware even more cause they learned how to handle it. Can't wait for this blockbuster.
cl63AMG  +   2623d ago
MK_Red  +   2623d ago
I would have expected some serious countdown and build up. I know this is still a teaser for the actual trailer but still, it shows some interesting stuff.
DeforMAKulizer  +   2623d ago
*First reaction... =D*
kingboy  +   2623d ago
yea baby!!
villevalorox  +   2623d ago
MK_Red  +   2623d ago
Drake looks a bit different. Hopefully this Sony gives Naughty Dog enough time to make it on par with Jak 2 and their other PS2 classics.
PirateThom  +   2623d ago
Yeah, he's more grizzled or something now.
Epic  +   2623d ago
He's Got A Beard
Ooooh Myyy Days - DAY ONE PURCHASE.

Looks like he's got a beard now hehe. cool.
This game is now a formidable franchise for Sony.
pwnsause  +   2622d ago
"Yeah, he's more grizzled or something now."

Who wouldn't? your in Cold Snowy Weather, your not even wearing a coat.
pp  +   2623d ago
Game will be good but in sales it will be a FLOP
0verdrive  +   2623d ago
its a shame that you cant take any more bubbles away from pp
kharma45  +   2623d ago
You're right there 0verdrive, it's a same you can't.
#12.2 (Edited 2623d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
thor  +   2623d ago
Even pp admits the "game will be good". LOL.

Guess I'll be enjoying the "good game" called "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves" eh pp? Do I really care if it flops in sales? Nooooooo. But it surely won't if it's a good game.
alexM  +   2623d ago
Uncharted outrsold Gears 1 and halo3 in europe
U2 will sell atleast 5 m copies worldwide
geda  +   2623d ago
not sure what the f**k pp was thinking with this one but he more than set himself up, LMAO!
Aclay  +   2623d ago
@ PP,

"Game will be good but in sales it will be a FLOP"

Do you realize that what you just said made no sense at all? If a game has good sales, usually it is a game that has gotten good reviews.

Uncharted 1 is at 88% at Metacritic...right...and you think that Uncharted 2 will score less? LOL, get a life kid. You make some of the most retarded comments here on N4G. I think that you should be more worried whether or not Splinter Cell Conviction and Alan Wake will even come out in 2009 boy than to troll on a Uncharted 2 thread.
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2623d ago
So it's...
On the PS3 Next year -

Uncharted 2: Micro$oft are Thieves ONLY on PS3 ;-P
GT5 ONLY on PS3 ;-P
KillZone 2 ONLY on PS3 ;-P
God Of War 3 ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Heavy Rain:Of xBots Tears ONLY on PS3 ;-P
FF 13 Versus ONLY on PS3 ;-P
White Knight Chronicles ONLY on PS3 ;-P (Rest of the World)
Flower: For xBox 360's DEATH ONLY on PS3 ;-P
InFamous ONLY on PS3 ;-P
FF 13 (BEST Version 1st!!!) on PS3 ;-P
EyePet:pp ONLY on PS3 ;-P
Africa ONLY on PS3 ;-P (Rest of the World...Maybe)
Fat Princess[Gabe Newell] ONLY on PS3 ;-P
HOME (open) (Er or this year) ONLY on PS3 ;-P

On the xBox 360 Next year -

DLC for GTA4
DLC for Alan Wake(Before Alan Wait comes out!!!) ;-D
DLC for Halo 3 (that's all it really is)
There must be something to look forward to on the xBox 360???...
PLASTICA-MAN  +   2623d ago
@ 1.7
bubbles 4 you mister Kutaragi for making me laugh before sleeping! lol
ppthefag  +   2623d ago

I pp am a f@g. They call me pp because i have a 'Peepee' (little) d!ck. I don't get any pu$$y from chicks so i troll PS3 stories all day.

All i play is Gayble 2 and Queers of War 1.5. I wish i was 15years old so Cliffy B can bum me all day.

Yours Trully,
#12.9 (Edited 2623d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ELite_Ghost  +   2623d ago
don't forget 3 hour GAYLO:recon!!!!!!!!!!!
ppthefag  +   2622d ago
i bet you the real PP has tears of jelousy when he types a troll comment on a ps3 story, while all along Cliffy B is fuking him up the arse and also giving Big Bill a blowjob at the same time.
#12.11 (Edited 2622d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
SONYSLAVE  +   2622d ago
sony rangers are the most mindless twats
wwwooow by the comment sir ken made and the rest of teh droids i can clearly see that they are maybe 13 years old and under.

A hit teaser comes out for a ps3 game but yet all they can do is bash the 360, and pretend their asian.

WHY SOOO ANGRY DRoiDS???????????

All your big next year releases are nothing more than cinamatic teasers LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what a sad pathetic group of fanboys.
#12.12 (Edited 2622d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Omega4  +   2623d ago
Woah!! that came out of nowhere lol
TOO PAWNED  +   2623d ago
I dont think Sony will release GOW3 and Uncharted 2 both in fall, no way! Most likely GOW3, March 2010.
airheadluffy  +   2623d ago
who knows since they did release lbp and R2 within a couple of weeks. they are two different games so it shouldnt be a problem like what they did with kz2 and R2.
Kleptic  +   2622d ago
and GT5...its wierd...2009 didn't even start yet, and its unquestionably stacked already for the PS3...

a Twisted Metal PS3 announcement is rumored to be made before the end of the year also (as in Jaffe said 'we'll talk about our next game sometime in December' last week)...of which is rumored to be release in 2009, although 2010 is more likely for that title, as it was just started in march...
Mikelarry  +   2623d ago
Been waiting for this. hopefully this time no frigging zombies. they scared the bejesus out of me.
DeforMAKulizer  +   2623d ago
It scared the crap out of me as well hehe =D
lento  +   2623d ago
lol same... seeing the weird foot marks in the mud.. im like ahh crap
Kleptic  +   2622d ago

I loved how that part of the story was handled...with them guarding the treasure for hundreds of years because of what it had inside...

and not to mention the ending in general...the showdown in the rain was absolutely awesome...maybe not rivaling MGS4...but rivaling every other single player ending of this generation so least in terms of cinematics...
JBaby343  +   2622d ago
Agree With All of You
The zombies freaked me out and I thought it added an interesting twist. The final showdown with Navarro was nothing short of excellent either.
reckoner  +   2623d ago
Wow. I mean the first Uncharted was amazing, I wonder how this game will be like...
JBaby343  +   2622d ago
Most Likely... Amazing!!
Just going by the first game and Naughty Dog's track record of games altogether.
e3kehoe  +   2623d ago
Skyreno  +   2623d ago
WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Nice
BRACHATTACK  +   2623d ago
Was that a beard i saw?

Hope the trophies are as easy to get as the first one :D
Kleptic  +   2622d ago
speak for yourself man...haha crushing sucks...although I haven't tried since August, I tore through the game again then...but haven't gone back to pick up all the trophies yet...definitely will in time for this to release though...
Arsenal4Ever  +   2623d ago
WOW. He's alot more muscular now. Another triple AAA exclusive confirmed for 2009.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2623d ago
Awesome.Now sony..Release date please? :)
DJ  +   2623d ago
Nice change of scenery.
He looks a bit older too, thanks to that beard.
bmatthews  +   2623d ago
just WOW!!

this has just blown my head!!

can't wait to see more, why do Naughty Dog have to be so Naughty?

Uncharted 2 looks immense...!
MainEv3nt 69  +   2623d ago
woot uncharted 2 is in Canada!!!! lol jkz
lento  +   2623d ago
lol ya looks like it could be outside of my house (just outside of winterpeg)
TheColbertinator  +   2623d ago
Hell f***ing yeah!

Lara Croft is weak,Nathan

Go for the kill!
IzKyD1331  +   2623d ago
Uncharted 1 already slaughters Tomb Raider lol
Kleptic  +   2623d ago
Uncharted is the single most underrated game of this generation in my opinion...and it still was recieved pretty deserved nothing lower than an 9/10...

can't wait for the sequel, as its still one of the most impressive engines in gaming right now...
xhi4  +   2623d ago
facial hair for the win!
ShinigamiGirl  +   2623d ago
They already buff him up, they should remove the facial hair, he looks too manly with that.
Dark General  +   2623d ago
Hahahaha yeah. I wonder if Sully and Elana will be in this one. I doubt Sully's old bones could survive that weather.
RyuStrife  +   2622d ago
I actually prefer the nice cleaned shave. His buffed up body now makes him more nice looking.
Kleptic  +   2622d ago
Elana would love that shat though...she's kind of dirty herself...

Drake sent me a post card after I finished the game, and it had a picture of Elena attached with 'omg buht seks!1' written on it...

that seriously might be the lamest joke I ever posted on the internet...
Flipfito  +   2623d ago
Whoa!! this game is gonna be amazing!! cant wait to see elena
Magic_The_Celt  +   2623d ago


the first game was A-MA-ZING

cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and i love games with snow!!!!!!!!!!!!
#28 (Edited 2623d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
BRACHATTACK  +   2623d ago
jack who  +   2623d ago
kharma45  +   2623d ago
Watch the disagrees mount up...
ELite_Ghost  +   2623d ago
jack ass, wrong article buddy, u were supposed to say that to halo wars!
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2623d ago
Poor jack :(

I can just picture you sitting in your chair..starring at the screen while tears stream down your cheeks as you keep telling yourself

"It's a's a flop..My GTA DLC will be here's's okay"

LOL! please.Get the f*ck off.
Arsenal4Ever  +   2623d ago
Lets help with the bubbles shall we?
alexM  +   2623d ago
can someone remove all the bubbles of JACK THE BOT
stupid motherfuccing BOT

all games on flop box 360 flopped in 2008

in 2009 x360 has no games
IzKyD1331  +   2623d ago
don't argue with jack, just remember that byy next year when this releases, he's still gonna be playing banjo and lips
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