Video of Apple Lampooned by The Simpsons

Grundy the Man writes, "As much as I appreciate my own Mac, it is awesome to see someone poke so many holes in the stigma that is Apple. Sundays episode of the Simpsons did just that, taking Apple to task using the fake name Mapple. There is even a special appearance from Steve Mobs (yes, that is not a misspelling.) So sit back and relax, while The Simpsons tear Apple a new one! Check out the hilarious clip here..."

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JimmyJames703400d ago

Man, I almost forgot about that show...

bgrundman3400d ago

This was a hilarious episode that was vintage Simpsons

CrAppleton3400d ago

Absofreekinlutely love the Simpsons

bgrundman3400d ago

It is an awesome show! One of my favorites along with Family Guy and and American Dad.

Bnet3433400d ago

ROFL! My Phonies. It is true though, people just get iPods because they want to "fit in"

Max Power3400d ago

i can't believe they managed to make itchy and scratchy terrible. To all the people who think they went 'vintage' with the new simpsons really needs to watch the old ones again, and this time don't go past the 10th season. The characters all completely different from what they used to be.

TheIneffableBob3399d ago

I agree that the old Simpsons are by far the best, but the recent episodes haven't been *that* bad.

Max Power3399d ago

they are awful, the characters are shadows of their former selves. Do you think Lisa would really care about a 'mypod'?

N4Flamers3399d ago

man I thought fat people were supposed to be jolly. I cant understand why youre so angry, maybe you should just learn that characters grow, or change. Lisa has all ways wanted to be accepted by her peers, remember when you guys got the swimming pool. What about original lisa who was just an annoying little sister that ate meat and wasnt a buddhist. I mean at least they used her character to make a social commentary on apple and how people get suckered by them. I think you need to rewatch some episodes and realise that the simpsons constantly change, thats what keeps them interesting.

thedarkvault3398d ago

yeah definitely not vintage simpsons.
I mean bart was more concerned about racial tolerance than pulling pranks, making jokes, skateboarding.
And the apple crap went on and on, I thought the scene at the beginning of the episode was a little too much then they just kept bringing it up. It almost seemed like an episode of simpson's characters acting out SNL skits.

Killjoy30003398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

Lol "I'm Steve Mobbs and I'm broadcasting deep below the sea."

Max Power3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

i wouldn't say i was angry, it just annoys me that people think the new simpsons are good. i will never watch any of new episodes of the simpsons, because so far i've tried watching two new ones and have to turn it off because its not the same show anymore.

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bgrundman3400d ago

I almost missed this episode, but thankfully I Tivoed it

CrAppleton3400d ago

WOW.. LMFAO.. thats some good stuff

CrAppleton3400d ago

Oh my f*cking God.. "Lisa, how would you like to work for Mapple?" ROFL

bgrundman3400d ago

Does anyone still watch the Simpsons anymore?

CrAppleton3400d ago

Not as much as I should.. after seeing this though.. I may have to pick it up again.

tatotiburon3400d ago

not anymore...Family Guy OWNS everything

Max Power3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

before they went completely terrible. I only watch season the first 10 season, back when they were classic simpsons and didn't get desperate and make the show so gimmicky.

IzKyD13313400d ago

So true, some Apple customers worship Steve Jobs

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