OXM: Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon Review

Steadfast alien worshippers might've forgiven a lot if Path of the Furon featured the same quality of off-color comedy that used to define the series. Crypto once overflowed with clever one-liners and film references, persistent mind-reading yielded unexpected silliness, and the sex-obsessed Arkvoodle could please a crowd. Here, you'll find little beyond groaners, pedestrian prattle, and underdeveloped monotony. Find another path to walk.

* Solid variety of weaponry and special abilities.

* Ugly graphics simply aren't up to 360 standards.
* Painfully lame "comedy" and repetitive mission design.

* Sammy and Faire for Sonny and Cher? Really?

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Elven63394d ago

On the PS3 as well in Europe according to Kotaku