Resistance 2 Debuts at Disappointing 10th Place in the UK

United Kingdom - Call of Duty: World at War takes the top spot for the third week in a row in the UK according to Chart-Track. FIFA 09 and Mario Kart Wii both slip one slot to make way for a two-spot climb by NFS: Undercover.

Guitar Hero: World Tour makes another appearance in the top 10, and bringing in the rear is the debut of Resistance 2, and according to GfK Chart-Track, matches only approximately 66% of the original's launch week.

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TOO PAWNED3490d ago

Interesting. How did it do in Zimbabwe?
Seriously this is for UK only, UK does not =EU.

resistance1003490d ago

Also take into account that because E-UK going bust. Most stores haven't even got copies to sell yet. Woolworths, Zavvi are just 2 of many who haven't got there shipment.

TOO PAWNED3490d ago

Yeah i know people will try to spin it, just like they did with LBP. Even if LBP isnt a flop in any way, they still push that theory.

alexM3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

It will debut at no1 on Spain, France, german and Italian charts though

Most UK stores havent got R2

borgome3490d ago

Man that comment made me laugh, just how got so worked up about somebody saying RFOM 2 is a flop. That's awesome.

TheMART3490d ago

AlexM aka Nasim

You're back! Insane, using one of your old accounts not making any new ones???

Lelouch V Brit3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

As A Proud PS3,Xbox 360 & Wii Owner, Yes, It's Flop, But Guess What I Like To Buy Flop Games.

fakeplasticlung3490d ago

halo 3 wannabes never win. halo 3 sold millions in its first few days on sale and reached number one in japan never mind the uk and not to mention it has a 9.4 on metacritic wheras resistance 2 has a luaghable 8.6 for a supposedly AAA exclusive. over a million people play halo 3 on xbox live every week, resistance 2 will struggle to sell a million so get outclassed sony. wannabes never win.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3490d ago

Look at all these SCUM-SUCKING LOW-LIFE xBot VERMIN on this bit!!! ;-D

Disappointing = EVERYTHING about the xBox 360!!! ;-D

The xBox 360 still can't even beat the Wii at it's lower price??? That's the BIGGEST FAIL EVER!!! ;-D
(Oooops i said it again!!!) ;)

dukadork3490d ago

and the bots cry.

coop and MP are awesome, SP has some amazing graphics, UK is gonna luv this game

Deadman643490d ago

hmm sir ken...then why is resistance 2 (aka the 360 killer as you call it) doing terrible? and what about LBP...that was also going to kill the 360 right? and what about MGS4...that was going to be the final nail in the coffin right?? OH BUT WAIT! once GTA:4 came out YOU said that the ps3 version would be SOO much better that the 360 would die!! I could go on for hours but i have a life, i suggest you get one as well. its not hard to do.

earwax3490d ago

The huge boss battles were also cool. NOT worth $60 bucks so be warned, I have not played on line yet.

REDZEV3490d ago

oh, but we love are POS3 IN the UK its the bestest console ever made and has the bestest games of any console. Honestly droids this shouldnt shock you.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3490d ago

HAHAHA Nasim (((FLOP FLOP FLOP))) don't kill yourself.

AngryTypingGuy3490d ago

Wow, lower ratings by virtually every publication AND lower sales. Yeah, a real Gears 2 killer, LOL. Gears 2 friggin' RULES!

ravinshield3489d ago

everybody knew it was going to do the same as lbp.flop

littleBIGfail3489d ago

making LBP levels to think of anything else !!!

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PirateThom3490d ago

Meanwhile, I'm adding it to my favourite games this year.

littleBIGfail3489d ago

It is great next to Wii fit !!!

DJ3490d ago

The guys that are head-over-heels with the sales figures for every title need to chill out though.

Ghoul3490d ago


I'm glad im not the only one wondering why gamesales suddenly determin if a game is good or bad.

Daishi3490d ago

Sales usually mean better sequels though, that's why people are concerned. If Perfect Dark Zero would have had great sales we would have already had a third game (not comparing the two in any way just giving an example).