Games On: MotoGP 08 Review

Audio, like the graphics and other small gripes with the title, is less than pronounced, with a lot more potential for depth and rumble from the racing bikes. Each of these small shortcomings add up, and you tend to notice a new one just as you're completely immersed within a moment of racing bliss. These don't destroy the game completely, but they indicate that the game lacks some measure of polish and tender, loving affection.

Motorcycle racing fans will be able to ignore these, as a faithful reproduction of the 2008 season is present, but as an introduction to a "new age" for the MotoGP franchise, the game is somewhat disappointing, especially given the quality of its predecessors. Hopefully, Capcom will be able to provide support to Milestone in order to deliver a truly next-gen motorbike racing experience in the years to come, but early indications give only slight promise for the franchise's future.

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