Games On: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Review

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 is a perfectly functional game of football, but that's really not going to be enough for fans of the series who've been craving some form of major innovation for over five years now. A few minor tweaks and supplementary modes just aren't enough; Pro Evolution Soccer desperately needs a new gameplay engine and a major graphical makeover, or FIFA will soon leave it for dead.

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jromao3333d ago

More and more we see lack of honesty in reviews, this one doesn't give us credibility.

OGharryjoysticks3333d ago

Pro Evolution is like 2K basketball. FIFA is NBA Live. All PES needs to do each year is make little tweaks to the engine because it plays better than FIFA and always will because it always has.

Hot_tea3333d ago

Fifa STILL plays like sh1t, and PES still plays amazing. And in football, that's what counts. Not, stadium graphics, not licenses, nor stats, THE GAME. THE PLAYABILITY. And in those two crucual points, Fifa FAILS.

bomboclaat_gamer3333d ago

ive always been a die hard pro evo fan. but this one feels like crap. i say this cuz i have both copies. dont judge the fifa if u havent played it