Games On: MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Review

So is Motorstorm still a standout franchise for the Playstation 3? Well, Pacific Rift is undoubtedly superior to its predecessor. It corrects many of the original's faults and builds on its strengths, but doesn't alter any of the shortcomings that were find inherent with the core nature of the gameplay. Pacific Rift is a whole lot of fun, just be patient and prepare to spend time learning the tracks.

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift is yet another high quality arcade racer vying for hard earned dollars this holiday season, up against the likes of Pure and Midnight Club LA. If you liked your first taste of off-road racing in the original, you will love what Pacific Rift brings to the table: a meatier, more expansive experience and a better game in everyway.

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gameraxis3333d ago

i loved Pure almost instantly, but to be honest I'm about half way through the game in every circuit, My review is a 9/10, because once u learn the way of the game, those things aren't a problem. i have to say I'm pretty nasty and hardly ever crash anymore.

.5 off from RARE clipping(two spots), resulting in crashes u don't know where they came from,
and.5 off for not having a rich customizable feature...

Definately worth a buy, honestly, Gears, Motorstorm2, and R2 are my favorite games this holiday
Where Pure was awesome, this game is BAD A$$!!! just consumes u!!