Blockbuster VOD Going to Blu-ray Players

Hot on the heels of releasing its own set-top box, Blockbuster (BBI) said it will expanding its on-demand video rental service into Blu-ray players in the first quarter of next year, as the company goes toe-to-toe with Netflix (NFLX) over direct delivery of video content to your TV.

In an interview with E-Commerce Times posted over the weekend, Blockbuster CEO and Chairman Jim Keyes spilled the Blu-ray beans and other plans for the on-demand service:

"We'll be able to put the same capability into a Blu-ray player. We'll go into DVRs (digital video recorders), game consoles, etc., just as others are doing to make the same capability available through other devices."

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etownone3515d ago

I thought Blockbuster would go with the ps3 same as Netflix went with the 360..... but if this article turns out to be correct, it seems like 360 will have the best of both worlds, Netlfix and Blockbuster.

Kyur4ThePain3515d ago

Can you not look at this from a movie lover's perspective?
Does your whole sad little world really revolve around consoles?

To me, the most important thing will be what kind of selection they have on day one.

etownone3515d ago

umm.... isn't this N4G, as in NEWS FOR GAMERS?

The only reason I could care about an article about Blockbuster when I come to a website like N4G is if it relevent to consoles.

Kyur4ThePain3515d ago

Then let's start posting the latest news about Ricky Martin CDs. Because, you know, consoles can play CDs too.