Simpsons rip into Apple

Appearing on the Simpsons has always been considered a cultural barometer. If you've been to Springfield and met TV's favourite dysfunctional yellow family, you know you've really made it.

And now Steve Jobs and his company Apple have been parodied in the latest episode of the longest running cartoon series in television history.

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Silogon3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Even as bad as Season 11 and 14 were at times, the Simpsons remain totally relevant even today. I absolutley love the writing on the show and Tom Gammill and Max Pross are just super, super, super, ingenious guys. The best in the tv industry and Sienfeild got even better when they signed on, if you ask me. The Merv Griffin episode was the absolute best.

Tony999Montana3492d ago

That was a great parody. I wish that I could say that I still find The Simpsons relevant and entertaining today though. They're just not cutting edge like they used to be. New programmes are doing things which The simpsons wouldn't dare broadcast.

Silogon3492d ago

The Simpsons have never had more than 2 cheap laughs in any of their episodes... Family Guy and the rest of the run of the mill junk you see ae loaded with them. The writers for those shows are just not as versed or skilled, sorry. The Simpsons are a social commentary on pop culture... right down to Springfield being run on Nuclear power... The Simpsons is hands down the most intelligently written animated show on tv. Always has been and probably always will be.

Boldy3492d ago

They took the youtube videos down but you can still watch it on hulu.

dkgshiz3492d ago

Simpsons is actually the longest running tv series ever. Not just longest running cartoon series.

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