Toronto Thumbs: Spider-Man Web Of Shadows Review

Toronto Thumbs writes: "I don't believe swinging around New York City, beating up on gangbangers and costumed villains has ever been so much fun – or pretty. Games based on super heroes haven't had a tendency to be any good, and so with that in mind Spider-Man Web of Shadows was a pleasant surprise.

Having been a fan of Spider-Man since a child, there's a certain amount of leeway I can give this game. Keep this in mind, but also know one thing: the game really is only for fans of the acrobatic hero anyway.

In Web of Shadows an invasion of symbiotes is threatening NYC and it's up to Spider-Man, having dealt with them before, to deal with the problem. But he isn't alone. Several of Marvel's heavy-hitters make cameo appearances as both help and hindrance (depending on how you play the game) and each of these characters brings his/her unique abilities and character traits to the story."

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