Toronto Thumbs: Dead Space Review

Toronto Thumbs writes: "Throughout this last year EA, CEO John Riccitello has spoken frequently about changing the image of his company as perceived by the core gamer demographic. Keeping in mind that EA is destined to thrive whether that group despises or loves their products, I've still been hesitantly optimistic as to how this might materialize via titles like Mirror's Edge and Dead Space. And regardless of the groups Riccitello might wish to romance, the fact is that given the sheer number of quality studios EA has devoured, they could stand to produce at least a few games that feed a community that supported the industry long before its expansion into mainstream media and casual audiences."

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AltamontRaven3490d ago

The reviewer likes Dead Space yet many of the comments on the page are from people who seem to think he's panning the game. Unfortunate!