Videogames See Record Black Friday Sales for 2008

Did somebody say recession? VG Chartz presents an early look at hardware and software sales from Thanksgiving week, traditionally the start of the holiday season in the US and home to black Friday - the biggest single retail day of the year. Note that these figures represent early estimates based on only a small sample of data - the finalized figures will be released in the next few days.

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Darkseider3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Great news for everyone. MS definatley had a great showing, 500k sold, with the arcade accounting for approx. half of the sales according to the article. The Wii well hell... it's the Wii, enough said. The PS3 with nice YoY growth and selling 225k units on early numbers. What's more mind boggling though is the PS2 with sales being reported at 175k and the PSP with 275k! In any case when the numbers are tallied and finalized all the consoles showed nice sales weekly and YoY.

EDIT: NPD estimates. 360 approx 900k, PS3 approx. 400k. WOW. IF these "estimates" are remotely close it is a HUGE YoY increase for both the 360 and PS3.

Beast_Master3515d ago

getting a PSP, very excited. Earth to Sony.. Please cut price! I know Sony has big plans for 09 and a much better lineup than 360 and Wii but dude.. We need more people on PSN than we have.

Potty Scotty3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Xbox 360 is eating up the HD competition. Goodbye Playstation 3, it was nice having you around for 2 years but you won't be missed.

Potty Scotty3515d ago

Exactly, PS3 is a LOSER! However, someone has to be, right?

jack who3515d ago

i got 3 RPGs for 80$ :D

360 man3515d ago

i think it might be safe to say the xbox 360 has won this HD console war due to bad decision making by sony

anyone care to disagree

Hot_tea3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

This is a global war (if you want to call it a war). And the PS3 is selling well in ALL the world. 360 isn't. keep your hair on this is nowhere near over yet.

Allot of 360 cheerleaders like to spout stats, and attach rates....yawn.
But in reality, it's only doing well in the US. Not the globe. That a HD era console winner, it does not make.

Potty Scotty3515d ago

We'll, Xbox 360 still has a larger user base in Europe and eclipses the PS3 in America. After the price drop in Europe, it started outselling the PS3 where Sony failed to close the gap.

If you want, you can brag about the 2 million PS3 units sold in Japan (Which is more than the 360 has sold).

Hot_tea3515d ago

You cannot just Analise certain country's or regions. Business just doesn't work that way.

Potty Scotty3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

Ok, Global Sales.
Wii - 37 million
Xbox 360 - 25 million
Playstation 3 - 17 million

That is good enough for Playstation 3 to be dead last. It's hard to spin that number isn't it? That is 20 million behind Wii!

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panasonic233514d ago

but ps2 fan was suppose to go out and buy ps3 ahahahahahahahahahahah