Toronto Thumbs: Disney TH!NK Fast Review

Toronto Thumbs writes: "Trivia games are becoming a popular trend in the video game business, and surprisingly we've not seen much for the Wii, which is odd considering its "party system" status. PlayStation has the BUZZ! series, Xbox has Scene-It?, and now (although it does have to share with PlayStation 2) Wii has Disney TH!NK Fast, henceforth dubbed "DTF" as it is too mind-taxing to type out a name with punctuation smack-dab in the middle of it. (As a side note, yes, all trivia games must have either an exclamation or question mark in their titles).

As one can expect from a title bearing the Disney trademark, DTF is a game that's not only kid-friendly, but fun for the whole family. Unlike other games in the genre, the Wii version (which is the one I played) doesn't require the use of custom peripherals: the Wii Remote is sufficient, however not used as one might expect."

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