Spong Reviews: Far Cry 2

Spong writes: "It's amazing how just setting a game in Africa can cause more than a frisson of Internet bubble. Games set in the continent that was once called 'dark' due to its unexplored areas on Victorian maps are not exactly rarer than games set in gay bathhouses, but they do seem to cause as much consternation among the media. Whereas a game set in Venezuela - Mercenaries 2 World In Flames - hardly caused a flutter.

Setting a fighting game in Africa enables confused liberals looking for causes to stand (some distance away) and begin keening. It also enables right-wingers to declare that all that ever happens in Central Africa is war anyway, so what's the bother? It's a gimme."

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Amnesiac3368d ago

Why bring race into it at all? It's a video game.

Gambit073368d ago

All I know is this game is hella repetitive, kinda like Assassins Creed... which I think these guys worked on...hmmm...