GamePro: Prince of Persia Preview

GamePro writes: "The mysterious figure slides down the embankment with rugged grace, strands of his turban trailing behind him, his sandals surfing the currents of sand that flow across the sun-baked rock. His path leads directly and unavoidably to a 1000-foot column of empty space, and the cliff on the opposite side seems miles out of reach. The rogue leaps out without hesitation, hangs in the air for a moment, and all seems lost-until a feminine form materializes in the air above him, her arm outstretched, to swing our hero to safety.

Unlike his predecessor, this new Prince holds no sway over the flow of time, but he's every bit as acrobatic. Running across multiple walls in sequence, clutching ledges, and scrambling up sheer surfaces has never looked better than in this new-generation reinvention of Prince of Persia. A shiny new "grip glove" comes in handy as well: as it grinds against rock or cuts into soft sandstone, you'll descend sheer surfaces with full directional control, dodging troublemakers on the way down. The acrobatics are comfortingly familiar in concept and control, but breathtaking in their showmanship."

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