NZGamer: Tom Clancy's EndWar Review

NZGamer writes: "One of the first things you wonder about any console real-time strategy games is how well it controls. While EA has done a generally good job translating the mouse-and-keyboard setup to a console controller with their Command & Conquer series, and other companies are also jumping in on the act, it still remains largely inferior. But now Ubisoft has entered the fray with a control scheme that's…well, different. You see, the control scheme in question is your voice.

It's been the major hyped feature of Tom Clancy's EndWar, so how about we start things off by judging how well it actually works. To issue commands, you hold a trigger button and say a number of preset commands into your headset. This generally involves selecting a unit by number, and telling them to attack an appropriate enemy. You can also do anything from calling in reinforcements to centering the camera on a particular trooper."

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