ONM: Henry Hatsworth In The Puzzling Adventure Preview

ONM writes: "An English gentleman. With a hat. In a game that involves puzzle-solving. Sound familiar, doesn't it? While we can't deny approaching Henry Hatsworth In The Puzzling Adventure, EA's new action/adventure/puzzle game, with a little scepticism, after playing it we can assure you that this game and Professor Layton And The Curious Village have absolutely nothing in common. Seriously. Well, besides the penchant for posh accents and old-school headware.

To be fair, Hatsworth gets its puzzle moniker from only part of the overall gameplay. In truth, Hatsworth is actually two games in one. The bottom screen contains said puzzle element, while the top screen features a very impressive Wario Land-style platform adventure. And while you don't have to play both at the same time, you'll only find success by using both game styles in tandem."

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