BBC iPlayer on PS3 now official

BBC iPlayer staff have posted on the BBC forum that the iPlayer is now PS3 friendly and works perfectly, so all videos now work through the official site and in full screen.

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kharma453371d ago

One step closer to making the PS3 a perfect media machine :)

Well done BBC!

MaximusPrime3371d ago

to be honest. i use play tv alot. but there are some occasion that i forgot to set timer.

BBC iPlayer is the answer.

I hope they have some Mock the Week programmes lol

kharma453371d ago

It'll be on iPlayer which is sweet =]

Don't forget Heroes and Have I Got News for You too, and Top Gear :D


How do i find iplayer or use it.I can not see it any were on my ps3 and is it free. pls rply or send me a pm.

kharma453371d ago

Use the web-browser. It's free, you just go to

Providing you live in the UK of course.

TruEve3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

So is iPlayer the UK equivalent to If so that's awesome for those across the pond :). I love watching Hulu on my HDTV!

Like someone else said, more free services for us to leech off of lol.

Bnet3433371d ago

Why doesn't Hulu work on PS3? I want Hulu on PS3! :(

xwabbit3371d ago

Kigmal y do u say hulu doesn't work on ps3? i watch family guy episodes everyday on my ps3 from hulu.

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PirateThom3371d ago

Awesome, another free service to leech off. :P

Karum3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

I don't use the iPlayer very much but when I do I'm glad I can watch it on my TV now instead of my PC monitor.

I just tried it out after reading this and it looks great even zooming in and making the screen of the iPlayer larger.

Thumbs up for this feature :)

Lucreto3371d ago

Is this stuff up to date or is it like season 2 of Heroes but no season 3?

kharma453371d ago

It's just what's been on BBC TV for the last 7 days, so it'll be the most recent episode(s) of Heroes season 3.

Lucreto3371d ago

Thanks bubble for you.

Pity it doesn't work in Ireland.

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The story is too old to be commented.